Special gemstone embellished tilak adds to Ayodhya Rama appeal

Ayodhya: The child form of Lord Rama seated in Rama temple is being served with full splendor in the Ramanandiya method. Ramlala is adorned daily with ornaments studded with gold and silver. In the same sequence, a tilak of gemstone-studded sandalwood is being applied on Ramlala’s forehead. This tilak has been made separately, it is applied on Ramlala’s forehead daily. However, the priest is not happy with this arrangement. He says that the tradition of rubbing sandalwood and applying tilak on the forehead is more appropriate.

A priest of Ram temple, on the condition of anonymity, said that after the Pran Pratishtha of Ramlala, sandalwood was rubbed on Ramlala’s forehead daily and then a tilak was applied. Saffron etc. was also mixed in it. This used to brighten Ramlala’s face, but now gemstone-studded sandalwood is applied on Ramlala’s forehead. However, tilak is applied on all the four brothers including Ramlala seated in the form of Utsav Murti by rubbing sandalwood. The priest did not explain the reason behind this but he definitely said that applying sandalwood paste on Ramlala’s forehead has been prohibited.

The priest says that applying sandalwood paste spreads on the forehead and reaches Ramlala’s eyes. Also, this sandalwood does not look good on his forehead. Therefore, it has been asked to apply only gemstone-studded sandalwood. The priest said that no one should interfere in worship. Sandalwood paste has special significance in the Ramanandiya worship tradition. Sandalwood is also an important part of the worship and decoration of the Lord. On the other hand, the trust has refused to say anything about this.

Training of 20 priests completed

Trained priests will be deployed in the Ram temple. For this, 20 priests were being trained for the last six months. The chief priest of Ramlala was involving all these priests in the service and worship of Ramlala and explaining to them the code of conduct of worship. Now their training is complete. They will be given certificates in a day or two and will be engaged in the worship of Ram Mandir. Priests from among them will be appointed for the worship of other temples to be built in the Ram Mandir complex.


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