Hezbollah rains hell on Israel

Hezbollah, Israel

Tel Aviv: Even as tension of Hamas’ war on Israel simmers, Iran’s loyalists added fuel to fire. Amid the ongoing tension between Iran and Israel, there has once again been a barrage of missile attacks. This time Iran-backed militia has attacked Israel with a barrage of missiles. They claimed to have attacked Israeli army headquarters with dozens of Katyusha rockets. Israeli army confirmed The Israeli military said in a statement that the Lebanese armed group Hezbollah fired about 35 rockets toward northern Israel, while Israel carried out airstrikes in southern…

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Rwanda Deportation Bill passage sparks debate

Rwanda Deportation Bill

London: The Conservative government of Britain has passed the significant Rwanda Deportation Bill, marking a pivotal shift in the nation’s legal framework for asylum seekers. The legislation authorizes the transfer of certain asylum applicants to Rwanda, where their claims will be processed by the Rwandan government. Upon gaining refugee status, these individuals would be relocated to Rwanda rather than remaining in Britain.Critics, including human rights campaigners, immigration experts, and legal scholars, have expressed deep concerns over potential violations of international and local human rights commitments.     Prime Minister Rishi…

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Taiwan Hit By Dozens Of Earthquakes

Taiwan earthquake

Reuters / NDTV Taipei: Earthquake-hit eastern county of Hualien of Taiwan was rattled by dozens of aftershocks late on Monday and early on Tuesday, but only minor damage was reported and no casualties and major chipmaker TSMC said it saw no impact on operations. Largely rural and sparsely populated Hualien was hit by a 7.2 magnitude earthquake on April 3 that killed at least 14 people, and there have been more than 1,000 aftershocks since. Buildings across large parts of northern, eastern and western Taiwan, including in the capital, Taipei, swayed…

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Ebrahim Raisi looks like a man with a plan

Islamabad: Amidst tremendous tension with Israel, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi has reached Pakistan. Raisi will stay in Pakistan for three days. During this time he will hold many high level meetings in the capital Islamabad. Apart from this, he will also visit Karachi and Lahore. This is the first visit of a foreign leader after the formation of the new government in Pakistan on February 8. This visit of Raisi is also special because earlier this year, tension had increased between Pakistan and Iran. Iran had earlier carried out an…

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Israel has no plans of holding back

Israeli Chief of Staff Harji Halevi

Tel Aviv: Israeli Chief of Staff Harji Halevi has approved the continuation of the war in Gaza. This information was given by army spokesperson Daniel Hagari. Israeli Kan channel reported that military operations in the southern Gaza Strip city of Rafah on the border with Egypt have also been approved. It is noteworthy that Israel’s allies have warned against the attack in Rafah. But Israel considers the military operation in Rafah necessary to destroy Hamas’ remaining battalions. “We will keep fighting until you come home,” an Israeli military spokesman said…

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Mohammad Muizzu maintains winning streak

Maldives: The ruling People’s National Congress (PNC) party of the Maldives has secured a clear majority in Parliament. Election results released on Sunday showed President Mohammad Muizzu’s PNC won 66 of the first 86 seats declared, granting them a super-majority in the 93-member majlis (parliament). Muizzu’s victory in the parliamentary election is significant for his plans to strengthen economic ties with China. In the previous parliament, M Muizzu has taken a pro-China stance and worked to remove Indian troops stationed on one of the Maldives’ islets.     His campaign…

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EU gears up to crack the whip on Russia

European Union

Brussels: The European Union is preparing for the 14th round of sanctions against Russia for waging a full-scale war against Ukraine. A senior official of the organization gave this information. The senior EU official said the new sanctions package includes punitive measures on individuals and organizations that assist efforts to circumvent existing EU sanctions on Russia. An EU diplomat said punitive measures should consider oil tankers or “dark fleets” that transport Russian oil despite existing sanctions to hinder it. New individuals and organizations will be subject to a freeze on…

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Palestinian photographer captures a poignant moment

World Press Photo of the Year-2024 Award

Gaza:  This photo of the World Press Photo of the Year-2024 Award was taken by Palestinian photographer Mohammad Salim. After taking this picture, photojournalist Salim said – It was a very impressive but sad moment. In this competition, more than 4 thousand photojournalists from 130 countries had sent 61 thousand photographs. In this, the picture of Palestinian photojournalist Mohammad Salim was selected. In this picture, a woman is sitting with a baby girl wrapped in a shroud in her arms. The photo was taken a week after Hamas attacked Israel…

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Iranian Foreign Minister calls for peace in Middle East

Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir abdollahian

New York: Amid ongoing “tit-for-tat” actions between Israel and Iran, Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir abdollahian has advocated reducing tensions in the Middle East. He said this while meeting Iranian media in New York. Amir Abdollahian said war and military tension do not benefit any party in the region, so fundamental solutions should be found. He said that all parties need to focus on political solution. Amir abdollahian said at the end of his visit to the US that Israel must stop its war crimes in the region. After this,…

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China’s GDP to meet target of five percent growth – Nicholas Lardy

Washington: Nicholas Lardy, a senior researcher at the Peterson Institute for International Economics, a Washington-based think tank, said in a recent interview with Xinhua news agency that the narrative of so-called over-production has provided an excuse for protectionism. Such statements are a threat to global trade. Lardy said that according to this statement no country can produce more than its domestic consumption. If each country produced for its own country’s consumption, global trade would not exist. This would be a complete disaster for all economic communities. Giving an example, he…

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