Canada’s Unique Position in NATO: Fails in Domestic Military Spending

Courtesy – newstracklive Washington: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau arrived in Washington, DC, for this year’s NATO summit. His office stated that the summit would provide an opportunity for Trudeau to reaffirm Canada’s dedication to Euro-Atlantic security, especially in response to ongoing Russian aggression. A recent report from a major American media outlet described Canada as an outlier among the 32-member NATO alliance. Over the years, Ottawa has struggled to meet domestic military spending goals and has fallen short on funding new equipment, with no plans to address these issues,…

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Vladimir Putin takes on Russian daily headon

The Moscow Times

Moscow: The Moscow Times is an online daily that is well-liked by Russian expatriates; nonetheless, the Russian prosecutor general’s office designated it as a “undesirable organization.”   The opposition and critical news media are being targeted in the wake of the designation. It implies that the journal must cease operations in Russia and imposes a maximum five-year jail sentence on any Russian who assists it. Compared to the news outlet’s November “foreign agent” classification, which subjected people and organizations to enhanced financial surveillance and mandated that any public information they…

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Spain’s unique effort to check adult content access by children

Madrid: While many countries in the world including India have banned porn sites, Spain has introduced a porn passport, which has become the most talked about topic recently. Spain has introduced the Digital Wallet Beta (Cartera Digital Beta), commonly referred to as the ‘porn passport,’ to prevent children from accessing pornography. This initiative responds to data revealing that half of Spanish children aged 11 to 13 are viewing adult content, coupled with a 116% increase in sexual assaults by minors over the past five years. As reported by The Local,…

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Ukraine shoots down Russian drones as the war rages

Russian drones

Kyiv: It has been more than two years since the Russia-Ukraine war started. Even now many people are dying in the attack, in Ukraine’s latest attack, Ukraine Air Defense shot down 24 out of 27 Russian drones. The Ukrainian Air Force has given this information, the drones were shot down in 12 areas. Earlier, the Ukrainian army also carried out a major drone attack in the Krasnodar region of southern Russia. An oil refinery and other places were targeted in this attack. One person died in this. Blackout continues in…

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Forced repatriation fuels humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan

Afghanistan humanitarian crisis

Islamabad: In the last few days, Iran and Pakistan have deported about 12,000 Afghan migrants. The Taliban’s Ministry of Refugees has said in a statement that 11,997 Afghan migrants have been expelled from their country by the governments of Pakistan and Iran. All the refugees have returned to Afghanistan. News agency ANI quoted Khaama Press as saying that those expelled from Iran and Pakistan entered Afghanistan from Torghundi, Spin Boldak, Islam Qala-Herat and Abreshim-Nimruz borders between July 3 and 6. Earlier 13,447 Afghan migrants were expelled According to Khaama Press…

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China watches Indo – Russian bonhomie closely

Indo - Russian bonhomie

Moscow: At this time, the attention of the entire global community is on Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The reason is the Russia visit. Yes, ever since PM Modi has reached Russia, America has been keeping an eye on him. At the same time, now China has also given a big statement regarding PM Modi’s Russia visit. China’s official Global Times newspaper has given a statement on PM Modi’s Russia visit and the concerns of Western countries due to it. China has said that Narendra Modi’s good friendship with Russia is…

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Scientists trace the effect of plasma composition on dynamics of astrophysical jets

Mumbai: Scientists have traced the effect of plasma composition of astrophysical jets which are outflows of ionized matter that are emitted as extended beams from celestial objects like black holes, neutron stars and pulsars. Despite years of research, it is not known with what kind of matter astrophysical jets are composed of– whether they are made of bare electrons or protons or whether positively charged electrons called positrons are also present. Knowing the jet composition is vital as it will allow to pinpoint on the exact physical process at work…

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California wildfire forces 13,000 people to flee

Northern California

California: A rapidly spreading wildfire that started in Northern California has prompted authorities to urge more than 13,000 residents to evacuate. As of Tuesday evening, the Thompson Fire, which broke out in Butte County near the City of Oroville, had burned over 2,100 acres (roughly 8.5 square kilometers) of land, and no containment had been reached, according to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, as reported by the Xinhua news agency. Because of the wildfire, a portion of Butte County has been placed under mandatory evacuation and evacuation…

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Brighter horizon visible in Indo – US relations

Indo - US relations

Washiongton: India-US relations have become stronger than before. A senior administration official said  that the United States is deepening its relationship with India in several key areas. State Department Deputy Spokesperson Vedant Patel told reporters in his daily news conference that India is a country with which we are strengthening our relationship in several key areas, particularly where it relates to strengthening our economic ties and security cooperation. He said, the President had the opportunity to meet briefly with Prime Minister Narendra Modi during the G-7 a few weeks ago.…

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Boris Johnson rallies for the Conservatives

PC Thomas / Newstracklive LONDON: In a surprising move, former Prime Minister Boris Johnson joined the British election campaign  to rally support for the Conservative Party and its leader, Rishi Sunak. Johnson, who won a significant majority in the 2019 election, was forced to resign in 2022 after a Conservative mutiny led by Sunak exposed deep divisions within the party. As Johnson was welcomed with chants of “Boris! Boris!” from party supporters, he introduced current Prime Minister Rishi Sunak at a campaign event in London just two days before an…

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