97 % work on Gorakhpur Link Expressway done

Gorakhpur Link Expressway

Lucknow / Gorakhpur: The Yogi Adityanath government, which is continuously working on strengthening road connectivity in UP, is preparing to start full traffic facility on the Gorakhpur Link Expressway by the end of this month. By the first week of June, 97 percent of the work of this expressway has been completed. With the start of this expressway, the Gorakhpur region will be connected to Lucknow, Agra and Delhi through Purvanchal Expressway through a fast and smooth traffic corridor. One of the priority projects of CM Yogi Adityanath, the Gorakhpur…

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Train silkworm rearers well – Rakesh Sachan

Rakesh Sachan

Lucknow: Uttar Pradesh MSME, Silk Industry, Khadi and Village Industries Minister  Rakesh Sachan directed the officials of the Silk Department that it is very important to focus on the training of silkworm rearers, the more training is given, the more benefit the farmers associated with this farming will get. For this, farmers should be sent to Karnataka from time to time for training. Uttar Pradesh Silk Industry Minister  Rakesh Sachan gave this direction while reviewing the works of the Silk Department through video conferencing at Khadi Bhawan.  Rakesh Sachan directed…

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Financial approval of Rs. 97.21 crore for agriculture sector schemes

Pradhan Mantri Kisan Urja Suraksha Evam Utthan Maha Abhiyan

Lucknow –  Under the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Urja Suraksha Evam Utthan Maha Abhiyan (PM KUSUM) scheme, an amount of Rs. 9546.00 lakh (Rs. Ninety Five Crore Forty Six Lakh) has been released for the installation of solar in the financial year 2024-25 and the remaining solar of last year. Under the Krishi Raksha Yojana, an amount of Rs. 100.00 lakh (Rs. One Crore) has been released under pest disease control by ecological resources. Along with this, financial approval of Rs. 50.00 lakh has been issued for the Center of Excellence…

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Irrigation Department reduces slope of Gurra river

Jalshakti Minister Swatantra

Lucknow: Jalshakti Minister of Uttar Pradesh,  Swatantra Dev Singh informed that the Irrigation Department has reduced the slope of Gurra river and by maintaining continuous flow in Rapti river in summer, has benefited a population of about 60000 and animals and birds of 33 villages including 27 villages of Gorakhpur district and 06 villages of Deoria district, as well as increased ground water. He informed that along with this, a commendable work has been done to protect a population of 35000 of 26 villages including 20 villages of Gorakhpur district…

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Round the clock power supply in Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh

Lucknow: Due to severe heat  wave in the state, the demand for electricity has increased considerably. The Energy Department is successfully meeting the increased demand for electricity. On June 12, 2024, at 22.33 pm, the maximum peak hour demand was met by supplying the highest ever electricity of 30240 MW in the state. On June 12 itself, at 17.57 pm, the minimum demand was 23988 MW of electricity. The state consumed the highest amount of electricity in a day in the entire country, 653.53 million units. In terms of power…

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AK Sharma calls for urgent cleaning of drains

AK Sharma

Lucknow: Uttar Pradesh’s Urban Development and Energy Minister AK Sharma has directed that all the bodies should get the drains cleaned completely before the monsoon season arrives and maximum use of machines and manpower should be made in cleaning the bushes, silt etc. grown in it. The bodies of the state should have a place in the national and global bench marking. For this, qualitative improvement should be made in the development works, management and beautification works. Cleanliness of the bodies should be further improved by increasing the infrastructure. Urban…

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In Uttar Pradesh, power supply makes new records each day

Lucknow: Due to the scorching heat in Uttar Pradesh, new records of power demand and supply are being made continuously. On Tuesday night, the demand for electricity reached the highest 29,820 MW in the history of the state, while the consumption also reached about 643 million units. On May 31, the demand for electricity reached 29,727 MW, which was fulfilled by the Power Corporation and a new record was set. On July 24, 2023, the maximum demand reached 28,284 MW, which was a record. CM Yogi’s strict instructions to the…

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Governor Anandiben Patel appreciates self help groups

Anandiben Patel

Lucknow: Governor of Uttar Pradesh  Anandiben Patel  reached Vinoba Seva Ashram Bartara along with Finance Minister of Uttar Pradesh Government  Suresh Kumar Khanna and inaugurated the newly furnished building of Bank of Baroda branch Bartara situated in the premises of the Ashram by cutting the ribbon. In the same sequence, she garlanded the statue of Vinoba with a cotton garland and inaugurated the newly constructed Ahimsa Auditorium Granthagar building furnished with Rajya Sabha Cooperation Fund and observed it. She also visited the exhibition organised in the premises of the Ashram.…

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Heat Wave Management remains a top priority in U.P.

Heat Wave Management

Lucknow: In view of the intense heat across the state, the Uttar Pradesh government, being sensitive, had already sent a letter to the districts as a precaution at the beginning of summer. Due to the possibility of intense heat and heat wave, guidelines have been issued regarding the implementation of Heat Wave Management Action Plan-2024 for protection and relief from heat wave in the state. Along with the priority of providing work as per demand to every worker willing to work under the MNREGA scheme, it was also told that…

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Jal Shakti Minister urges attention towards flood mitigation

Jal Shakti Minister

Lucknow: Uttar Pradesh’s Jal Shakti Minister  Swatantra Dev Singh directed the departmental officers that all the flood projects under construction should be completed by June 20 at any cost. The responsibility for the quality of the projects will be of the concerned regional chief engineer, so all the regional chief engineers must compulsorily do a field inspection of the projects under construction under their area. He said that he himself will do a field inspection of the projects and if any kind of flaw is found, the accountability of the…

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