Publicity time for parties decided by lottery method

Navdeep Rinwa

Lucknow:  Under the chairmanship of Chief Electoral Officer of Uttar Pradesh, Navdeep Rinwa, the time allotted for publicity in Akashvani and Doordarshan was received from the recognized national parties in the state and the date of recording and broadcast was determined through lottery method in the time allotted to the state parties.

A meeting was organized at the election office with representatives of all recognized political parties. In the meeting, a lottery was conducted in the presence of representatives of recognized national and state parties and officials of All India Radio and Doordarshan to decide the time for election telecast on All India Radio and Doordarshan.

According to the lottery conducted, a total of 53 minutes were allotted to SP, total 27 minutes to Apna Dal (S), total 10 minutes to Congress, total 30 minutes to BJP and total 10 minutes to BSP for telecast in Doordarshan in slots of 5-5 minutes.  Similarly, for broadcasting in Akashvani, a total of 27 minutes were allotted to Apna Dal (S), total 53 minutes to SP, total 10 minutes to Congress, total 25 minutes to BJP and total 10 minutes to BSP for 5-5 minute slots.

In the context of Lok Sabha General Election-2024, the Election Commission of India has allotted time for broadcasting the elections of recognized political parties on All India Radio and Doordarshan, under which all the parties have made their time available in Doordarshan and All India Radio for campaigning in Uttar Pradesh. Has been done.


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