CM Yogi recommends Shahjahanpur Development Authority


Lucknow: After granting municipal corporation status,  Chief Minister announces another gift for Shahjahanpur district

CM directs officials to identify vacant plots and complete projects currently underway to make them useful

Favorable opportunities exist for the development of the hotel industry in the state: Chief Minister

Need to amend building bylaws to encourage the hotel industry: Chief Minister

  • Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has expressed the need to form the Shahjahanpur Development Authority for the planned development of the district in the long-term. He held an important meeting with the officials of the Housing Department on Monday and gave the necessary guidelines.
  • The Chief Minister stated that in recent years, several infrastructure development projects in Shahjahanpur and its surrounding areas have accelerated industrial growth in the district while the population has also increased. During the first term of the current government, Shahjahanpur was designated a municipal corporation. With an existing regulated area and the recent preparation of the Master Plan-2031, it is now necessary to establish the Shahjahanpur Development Authority. The Chief Minister emphasized that in forming the Development Authority, it is crucial to ensure that the inhabited land in the villages under its jurisdiction is not declared as green land to avoid causing any inconvenience to the residents.
  • The Chief Minister noted that numerous government buildings in various state districts are either unused or incomplete. These buildings should be identified, completed, and put to good use. He also emphasized the need to expedite the work of the PM Jan Vikas Program.
  • Discussing the development of the hotel industry, the Chief Minister highlighted that efforts to promote the state’s tourism potential have made Uttar Pradesh a top destination for tourists. Currently, the state attracts the highest number of domestic tourists in the country. This positive trend has created significant opportunities for the hotel industry, with a growing demand for more hotels. To support this industry, changes in building bylaws are necessary.
  • The minimum land requirements and the minimum width of access roads for hotels with 6 to 20 rooms in residential areas should be revised. Additionally, stringent standards must be adhered to for critical aspects such as parking, security, and fire safety.

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