Durga temple special service held to quench people’s thirst

Durga Temple

Lucknow: The 28th Paushala was started at Parivartan Chowk, Lucknow on 25th April under the leadership of Tarachandra Aggarwal, the god-like saint of Durga Temple in Shastri Nagar, Lucknow. This service, which will last for three months, will continue to provide water service till August 24.

Poet Mukeshanand said along with the beginning of water service, we all have also organized a grand bhandara. While planting trees, environmentalists Krishnanand Rai and Tarachandra Aggarwal said that it is our resolve to plant five trees before the water service starts.

Thousands of people get support for doing social public service work like tree plantation and water service. Those who do not come forward without taking credit but always cooperate. The Bhandara of Durga temple is being run selflessly because of such saintly people.

Today’s water service was started by the disciple of Saint Kalyani Devi Hathiwale Baba by offering prayers. Anupam Gupta, Rajendra Goyal, Dilip Gupta, Tarun Khatri, Vinod Kumar Agarwal, Bhojpuri poet Krishnanand Rai, social worker Dilip Arya Vineet Board of Revenue IMD National Mahila Dal President Vineeta Srivastava Renu Sharma benefited by serving.

All these people are like God in this world. Those hands are the form of God, those who stand to help someone, those people are the incarnation of God, who spend their entire life in charity. Such social workers are present on the land of Lucknow. Their contribution has been huge even during the Corona period. Whenever any calamity befalls the goddess, all the devotees of this Durga temple come forward and support her in the problem. Tarachandra Aggarwal says that we are servants of Mata Rani and have come into this world as travelers.

The water served at Parivartan Chowk is from the well of Maa Durga Temple Shastri Nagar. Which is continuously quenching everyone’s thirst with water due to the grace of Maa Durga. Let us continue to serve the people through the feet of Maa Durga. This is my wish. There is a goal said the priest.


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