Proposal of Special Investment Region Act approved

Lucknow: The Yogi Adityanath government, determined to make Uttar Pradesh a one trillion dollar economy, has decided to implement the Special Investment Region Act in the state to achieve this goal and attract big investments. In the cabinet meeting held in Lok Bhavan  under the chairmanship of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, this proposal of Special Investment Region Act has been approved.

This act has been named Nirman (Nodal Investment Region for Manufacturing) Act. Through this, big investors of the country and the world can be attracted to invest in Uttar Pradesh. This decision of the government will promote ease of doing business. Along with this, economic development will get momentum, while the general public will get new employment opportunities.

Powers will be decentralized by the Act

Giving information about these decisions of the Yogi Cabinet, Principal Secretary Infrastructure and Industrial Development Anil Kumar Sagar said that this act has been made to develop Special Investment Region in the state. Till now, such an act exists in three states, which include Gujarat, Rajasthan and Karnataka. In this way, UP will become the fourth state to implement this act. He told that the special investment regions are big investment regions, where cluster development takes place and the power vested in the state government or other departments. They are decentralized at the authority level. There are two benefits of doing this, first, if any change is to be made in the master planning, it can be done there itself and second, all the NOCs and clearances that are issued, for which one has to come to the state level, those powers also get decentralized. As per the concept of ease of doing business, the more decentralization there is, the better we will be able to serve the investors.

SIRs will be made in four geographical areas of the state

Principal Secretary Anil Kumar Sagar told that the purpose of making this act of the state government is to create big investment regions and provide them legal protection. He said that for the target of Uttar Pradesh to become a one trillion dollar economy, it is necessary that we have to create large investment regions. He said that right now we have not fixed the minimum limit of land for investment in the Act, but just like we have established Bundelkhand Industrial Development Authority, for which an area of ​​5 thousand hectares has been kept, similarly a large area will be kept in the Special Investment Region. He also said that according to the proposal, at least four such special investment regions will be created in Uttar Pradesh, which will be in all four geographical areas of the state. He said that we have a lot of land bank availability, but if we talk about land bank for allocation, then around 20 thousand acres of land bank is available.

Multipurpose halls will be built in Lucknow and Varanasi to promote MSMEs

In order to promote a favorable environment for industrial investment in the state, the proposal for making a Memorandum of Understanding between India Trade Promotion Organization and MSME was also approved by the Yogi Cabinet. Finance and Parliamentary Minister Suresh Khanna said that just like Bharat Mandapam is built in the capital Delhi, similarly a big convention center or multipurpose hall will be built in Lucknow and Varanasi where people associated with MSME will be able to display their products. Through this, not only industrial investment will be promoted, but people associated with MSME will also get encouragement. He said that through this, MSME production in the state will get a huge boost. It is known that excellent infrastructure facility has been established by ITPO in the Bharat Mandapam built in Delhi, where national and international level trade fairs are organized continuously. Now such events will be possible in Uttar Pradesh as well.

More than 2200 teachers will be reappointed on honorarium
On the instructions of the Supreme Court, the Yogi Cabinet has also approved the proposal to temporarily keep more than 2200 teachers, who are to be removed from service in 2023, on honorarium in non-government aided secondary schools. Finance Minister Suresh Khanna said that the posts of teachers are vacant in non-government aided secondary schools, which is affecting the teaching work. In such a situation, to conduct the educational work smoothly, more than 2200 teachers who were relieved from service on the orders of the Supreme Court in 2023 are being given the opportunity of reappointment on a temporary honorarium of 25 thousand and 30 thousand rupees. Teachers who will teach in class 9 and 10 will be given 25 thousand and those who will teach in class 11-12 will be given 30 thousand rupees.


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