Uttar Pradesh working on Land Bank Management Application

Yogi Adityanath

Lucknow: The Yogi Adityanath government, which is paving the way for the progress of Uttar Pradesh, is also making continuous efforts to promote solar energy and clean energy in the state. Various efforts are also being made to increase the spread of solar energy in the state and to bring awareness about it among the common people. In such a situation, the process of equipping various districts of the state with solar powered solar mast lighting system has been started.

It is noteworthy that as per the wishes of CM Yogi, a detailed action plan was prepared to promote solar energy in Uttar Pradesh. Implementing this action plan, Uttar Pradesh New and Renewable Energy Agency (UPNEDA) has started the process of determining the agency through e-tender medium to equip various districts of the state with 2500 solar mast lighting. On completion of this process, the agency receiving the work will have to complete the supply, installation, testing, and commissioning process of these lights at a cost of Rs 29.78 crore within 4 months. Apart from these works, UPNEDA is also focusing on the development of IVR and dashboard monitoring system to promote land bank management portal and various schemes.

Solar mast lighting system will have 5 years warranty

According to the plan, solar PV white LED light high mast light system will be installed at selected sites in various districts of the state. These solar powered mast lights are unique in many ways. This will be a lithium ferro phosphide battery based system which will work on 12.8 volt capacity and despite being a white light, it will not emit ultra violet rays. It will generate light at the rate of 135 lumens per watt. That is, these lights will not only generate good light in outdoors but will also be able to operate easily in temperatures ranging from zero to 60 degrees. The agency installing these lights will not only ensure their quality but will also ensure the process of operation and maintenance under the warranty period of 5 years.

Work is being done on the development of Land Bank Management Application

UPNEDA has also started work for the development of Land Bank Management Application. In this sequence, UP Electronics Corporation Limited (UPLC) has been entrusted with the responsibility, which will complete this work through its empanelled software development agency. After the completion of the work, all the tasks like outline application management, regular compliance, documents and contracts assessment, tenant and financial management will be completed in a better way through the Land Bank Portal on the UPNEDA website. Also, it will prove to be a good medium in establishing dialogue with stakeholders. This application will be based on a 3 tier based system.

UPNEDA will be equipped with Generative AI based IVR and Dashboard Monitoring System

On the one hand, the process of development of Land Bank Management Application has been started by UPNEDA, on the other hand it is also developing Generative AI based IVR and Dashboard Monitoring System for monitoring the works to be done under PM Surya Ghar Yojana and PM Kusum Yojana. UPNEDA has also entrusted the responsibility of this work to UP Electronics Corporation Limited (UPLC). It is worth noting that UPNEDA is developing a portal to convert stubble into biofuel where farmers will be able to sell stubble and UPNEDA will be able to convert this stubble into biofuel. Along with the development of this portal, IVR and dashboard monitoring system is also being developed with the help of generative AI. It will be able to track and monitor the beneficiaries under PM Surya Ghar Yojana and PM Kusum Yojana.


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