Energy efficiency to drive Uttar Pradesh economy

Lucknow: Energy and Urban Development Department will also play an important role in the target of making the economy of Uttar Pradesh a 1 trillion dollar economy in the coming years.

The excellent power system and ideal urban life play a very important role in the industrial development of any state. To speed up industrial development in the state, infrastructure development of electricity will have to be done as per the demand.

Along with this, work plan will have to be made as per the set target and work will have to be done on it rapidly. To speed up industrial development, urban sector will also have to be reformed. All the officers should make an action plan in this regard and work on it rapidly. So that the contribution of the state’s 1 trillion dollar economy can be fulfilled in the resolution of the Prime Minister to make the country’s 5 trillion dollar economy.

Urban Development and Energy Minister  AK Sharma  held a meeting with the officials of both his departments and the Planning and Program Implementation Department at the Field Hostel Sangam of Jal Nigam regarding the contribution of the Urban Development and Energy Department in making the economy of the state a 1 trillion dollar economy and discussed and saw the presentation.

He directed the officials of the Energy Department to develop the power system in accordance with the increased demand in view of the possible industrial development in the state. Power system should be built in all Discoms as per the demand of industries.

He said that companies manufacturing power equipment should also be encouraged to set up industries in the state. So that these equipment can be produced in the state itself. To increase the per capita income of the state, power consumption will have to be increased like other states. The state government is promoting solar energy. In the coming time, domestic consumption of electricity can be met through this. For better power supply, he also directed to reduce line loss and increase revenue.

Urban Development Minister  AK Sharma directed the officials of the Urban Development Department to also make rapid improvements in the system of the urban sector. Industrial development will accelerate due to reforms in the urban sector and better urban life. For this, cities will have to be made clean and pollution free. The urban sector contributes 65 percent to the DGP of the state.

To achieve this, one has to work rapidly in the development of the environment, scientific, technical and educational activities of the cities. Special attention will have to be given to such schemes which can be completed as soon as possible. He directed the officers of both his departments to work in coordination with the Industrial Development Department by preparing an action plan in accordance with the given target.

Principal Secretary Energy  Narendra Bhushan, Principal Secretary Urban Development, Amrit Abhijat, Principal Secretary Planning and Program Implementation,  Alok Kumar, Chairman UPPCL  Ashish Goyal, Secretary Urban Development, Ajay Kumar Shukla, Managing Director UPPCL, Pankaj Kumar, Director UPNEDA  Anupam Shukla and other officers were present in the meeting.


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