Durga Shankar Mishra congratulates trainee IAS Officers

Lucknow: State Chief Secretary Durga Shankar Mishra met 16 trainee officers of the Indian Administrative Service (2023) of Uttar Pradesh cadre. In his address, the Chief Secretary congratulated the trainee officers and said that they have got a big responsibility in Uttar Pradesh.

In today’s era, public aspirations are increasing rapidly. There will be big challenges for public servants in the coming times, which they will have to find solutions to. Civil servants will have to decide the accountability of their actions, decisions and use of public resources. Through their service, they can play a major role in strengthening the economy of the country and the state.

He said that integrity is your best strength. Do not keep pride in yourself. We cannot do any work alone, so we have to work with team spirit. Our job is to bring happiness on the faces of common citizens. While maintaining the principles of equality, common citizens have to be given equal opportunities and treated properly regardless of their background or affiliation and confidence in the government has to be instilled in them.

He said that civil service officers have an important responsibility to ensure that maximum number of eligible people get the benefit of government schemes, and serious work has to be done in this direction to bring about a change in their lives. He also advised the trainee officers to make good use of time, do regular yoga for better health and keep themselves updated with the latest technology.

The trainee officers included Ishita Kishore, Smriti Mishra, Swati Sharma, Shishir Kumar Singh, Vaishali, Gunjita Agarwal, Nitin Singh, Anubhav Singh, Sai Ashrit Shakhamuri, Narayani Bhatia, Mahendra Singh, Chaluvaraju R, Kavya C, Deepak Singhanwal, Sahil Kumar and Rinku Singh Rahi. On this occasion, Additional Chief Secretary Agriculture Devesh Chaturvedi, Director Uttar Pradesh Academy of Administration and Management Neena Sharma, Additional Director Dr. Garima Yadav and other officers were present.


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