Cops crack cyber crime in nick of time

Cyber Crime Cell

Lucknow: Taking prompt action against cyber fraudsters, the Cyber Crime Cell of the Lucknow Police Commissionerate spearheaded a campaign to curb cyber crime and return the looted booty to the rightful owner. The operation was led by Joint Commissioner of Police (Crime), Commissionerate Lucknow, under the guidance of Deputy Commissioner of Police (Crime), Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police (Crime) and supervision of Assistant Commissioner of Police Cyber ​​Crime and Inspector-in-Charge Cyber ​​Crime Cell. Taking prompt action they got the amount of Rs. 03,20,040/- cheated by cyber criminals from the complainant returned to the account/credit card of the complainant.

Complainant Vijay Kumar informed that the fraudster called the complainant in the name of getting a new credit card and through phishing, took confidential information of credit card/OTP etc. and cheated the complainant’s credit card. As per the orders of Inspector in charge Satish Sahu, Inspector Sunil Kumar took immediate action and contacted the concerned bank companies and got the suspicious accounts/orders frozen/cancelled.

Inspector Satish Chandra Sahu Incharge, Cyber ​​Crime Cell Police Commissionerate Lucknow. Inspector Shishir Yadav, Cyber ​​Crime Cell Police Commissionerate Lucknow, Anuj Tomar, Cyber ​​Crime Cell Police Commissionerate Lucknow, Syed Hasan Adil, Cyber ​​Crime Cell Police Commissionerate Lucknow, Head Constable Aarti Verma, Cyber ​​Crime Cell Police Commissionerate Lucknow & Constable Sunil Kumar, Cyber ​​Crime Cell Police Commissionerate Lucknow were involved in the operation.


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