Ayurveda Hospitals organize Yoga Day celebrations

Yoga Day

Akhilesh Chandra Saxena 

Bareilly: Under the tenth International Yoga Week program (15-21 June), Regional Ayurvedic and Unani Officer, Bareilly,  under the direction of Dr.Amardeep Singh Nayak,  yoga program and slogan competition were organized with great pomp in all the hospitals of Ayurveda.

Along with this, yoga camp was also organized by yoga instructors (Nitya Sharma, Garima Singh) in Bareilly’s C.I. Park, Gandhi Park, in which Anulom-Vilom, Suryanamaskar, Shavasana, Pawanmuktasana, etc. were practiced and people were made aware of yoga.

Slogan competition was organized in Government Ayurvedic Hospital, Anjani, Premnagar, Cantt, Babia, Bhindolia, Attapatti, Faridpur, Mandanpur, Kapurpur, Haibatpur, Ballia, Amla, Bhuta, Rajpuri Nawada, etc.

In which children participated in large numbers, children who have good slogans will be honored with certificates on 21st June.

Dr. Amardeep Singh Nayak said – In today’s hectic life, we all are not able to pay attention to our health. Due to which, diseases like stomach ailments, hemorrhoids, anemia, menstrual disorders in women, obesity, etc. are increasing rapidly.

To prevent these diseases, everyone should adopt yoga in their lives. On this occasion, Dr. Manoj Kumar and yoga instructors Vibhakar  and Sunit had a special contribution.



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