What makes Kuwait the go to place for Indians ?


Dubai: 50 people died in a massive fire in a building in Kuwait. 40 Indians are among those who died in this accident. The fire was so fierce that everything was burnt to ashes. After the incident, not only the Kuwait government but also the Indian government is in action mode.

PM Modi expressed grief over the accident and announced a compensation of Rs 2 lakh to the families of the deceased. Along with this, Minister of State for External Affairs Kirtivardhan Singh has reached Kuwait on the instructions of the PM. Kirtivardhan will ensure the speedy return of the bodies of the deceased.

This accident that took place in Southern Mangaf in Ahmadi province of Kuwait is being discussed all over the world. One question that is in everyone’s mind is how so many Indians died. Let us know how many Indians live in Kuwait and what do they go there to do.

How many Indians live in Kuwait?

The place in Kuwait where this accident took place is a very high number of Indians. In fact, the number of Indians going to Kuwait has increased in recent years. The number of Indians going to Kuwait for jobs is quite high.

21 percent of the total population of Kuwait is Indian. According to the data of the Indian Embassy, ​​even 30 percent of the total people working there are Indians.

The number of Indians in Kuwait is around 10 lakh and they are considered to be the largest expatriate community there.

Why is Kuwait becoming the favorite of Indians?

There are many reasons for Indians going to Kuwait, which include business, tourism etc. However, the biggest reason is the easy availability of jobs there and good salary package. Another reason that makes it a favorite destination for Indians is that there is tax free income, subsidy on houses and loan at low interest. Most of the Indians here work in the construction sector, healthcare, oil and finance sector. The condition of those who work in positions is slightly better than that of laborers.

Unskilled people also get a hefty salary

Unskilled people get a very good salary in Kuwait. They get 100 Kuwaiti Dinars or 27 thousand rupees every month. Whereas, lower skilled labourers get salary up to 40 thousand rupees.


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