Indigenous drone Nagastra 1 to boost India’s defense arsenal

Nagastra 1

New Delhi: The Indian Army has got a very lethal weapon. Solar Industries of Nagpur has handed over the first indigenous loitering munition Nagastra-1 to the Indian Army. Nagastra-1 is capable of entering the enemy’s base and attacking. It is a suicide drone, which will enter the enemy’s territory and wreak havoc.

The Indian Army has given an order to supply 480 loitering munitions to Solar Industries Economics Explosives Limited (EEL) under emergency purchase powers. This indigenous company of Nagpur has developed this deadly drone. According to a defense official, after the successful completion of pre-delivery inspections, EEL has handed over 120 loitering munitions to the army’s ammunition depot. In the language of the army, these drones are called loitering munitions.

This is the specialty of Nagastra-1

Nagastra-1 is a suicide drone. Equipped with GPS, this drone can attack with an accuracy of two meters. The man-portable fixed-wing electric UAV weighing nine kilograms has a range of 30 minutes. The man-in-loop range is 15 km and the autonomous mode range is 30 km. Its electric propulsion system provides low acoustic signals. Due to this, the enemy is unable to identify it at an altitude of more than 200 meters.

Features of the drone

Can be easily launched from the ground.

Capable of carrying 1.5 kg explosive warhead.

Can monitor and hit targets up to 15 km.

Will be able to launch precise attacks on terrorist launch pads, infiltrators and enemy training camps.

Special things related to the deal

Under ‘Make-in-India’ in the defense sector, the army had ordered 480 Nagstra-1 drones.

These suicide drones are capable of carrying out precise attacks on enemy targets.

This deal could be worth around Rs 300 crore.

The army had placed the order under emergency provisions.

Till now such drones were purchased from abroad, EEL became the first indigenous company.


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