US plans all out war against Houthi rebels

Washington: The US has launched a major attack on the Houthi rebels who are constantly targeting commercial ships in the Red Sea. In the last 24 hours, the US has targeted the radars and drones of the Houthi rebels. Let us tell you that two days ago, the Houthi rebels targeted a Greek ship. Only after this the US has taken action.

The US military has taken a big action against the Houthi rebels of Yemen. In the last 24 hours in Yemen, the US military has destroyed seven radars, one drone and two unmanned ships of the Houthi rebels. Let us tell you that the Houthi rebels are constantly targeting ships in the Red Sea. Two days ago, a Greek ship was attacked by the Houthi rebels. The US has taken this step after this attack.

What did the US military say?

The US Central Command wrote on X that these radars helped the Houthi rebels to target sea ships and endanger commercial shipping.

Houthi targeting ships

Recently, the Houthi rebels also took nine UN personnel hostage. All these personnel are from Yemen. The captives also include a special envoy and a woman. For the past seven months, Houthi rebels have been targeting ships passing through the Red Sea in protest against the Israeli attack on Gaza.


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