Can China, Taiwan break the ice ?

Beijing: The enmity between Taiwan and China is quite old. While Taiwan calls itself an independent country, China says that it is part of it. China has always denied the existence of Taiwan. China, which claims its right over Taiwan, has been furious for some time. The reason behind this is the closeness between America and Taiwan. China is troubled by the closeness between America and Taiwan.

Looking at the attitude of Taiwan and China, experts say that a situation of war can arise between the two countries. Meanwhile, retired Japanese Lieutenant General Hirotaka Yamashita has made many shocking revelations about Taiwan. Lieutenant General Yamashita has speculated about Taiwan that before a possible Chinese military invasion of Taiwan, there may be terrorist activities in the country, including attempts to assassinate the President of Taiwan. Focus Taiwan gave this information quoting CNA.

‘Bombs will be planted at major metro stations in Taipei’

He spoke on this subject at a press event organized for the release of the Chinese-language version of his book on possible Chinese invasion strategies in Taipei on Saturday. Yamashita outlined that such terrorist activities could include planting bombs on presidential vehicles and major subway stations in Taipei. According to Focus Taiwan, Yamashita (who previously served as the vice chief of staff of the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force) made his predictions based on various tabletop wargames detailed in his book.

Urged to trust the government

According to Focus Taiwan, Yamashita said that these terrorist activities would aim to undermine the Taiwanese public’s trust in their government and influence public opinion. Yamashita advised the government to provide factual and up-to-date information and urged people to trust the government during such crises despite political differences.


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