Unique Jal Mat Lucknow campaign at 1090 Chauraha trends

Lucknow: RED FM and Lucknow Municipal Corporation started a campaign “Jal Mat Lucknow” under which cooling points were made at main points of the city.

93.5 Red FM, India’s leading private radio and entertainment network started the “Jal Mat Lucknow” campaign with Municipal Corporation Lucknow.

This campaign was started 15 days ago, these cooling points have been made at about 10 places in Lucknow, the main purpose of which is to give some relief to the people of Lucknow in view of this scorching heat.

Cooling points will be kept inside which cold water, jaggery, sherbet, ORS and sofa bed will be kept, so that people suffering from heat can stop there and rest and then leave.

Lucknow city mayor Sushma Kharkwal started it with a message and said that in view of the scorching heat, Red FM and Lucknow Municipal Corporation have taken this initiative, Lucknow residents are requested to go here to escape the heat and drink cold water, jaggery or ORS sherbet, take rest, then leave for their destination and shout “Jal Mat Lucknow”. Whether it is the cooling point built at 1090 intersection or the headquarters of the Municipal Corporation, the general public is going there a lot and praising this initiative of Red FM and Lucknow Municipal Corporation.


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