U.P. Agricultural Research Council gives suggestions to farmers

Lucknow: The eighth meeting of the Uttar Pradesh Agricultural Research Council for the year 2024-25 was held in the meeting hall of the Council under the chairmanship of  Piyush Kumar Sharma, Secretary, U.P. Agricultural Research Council. In the meeting, the progress of monsoon 2024 and the weather forecast for the coming week were discussed in detail.

The southwest monsoon has become active in some more parts of western Uttar Pradesh and the Terai region of eastern Uttar Pradesh . According to the weather forecast (27 June to 03 July, 2024), light to moderate rainfall with thunder and lightning is likely in most parts of the state during this week. Heavy rainfall may also occur at some places in different agro-climatic zones of the state. The average maximum temperature is likely to be below normal in most parts of the Bundelkhand region and the southern part of the central plains, while in other regions it will be normal or partially below normal.

During the monsoon season (01 to 27 June, 2024), Uttar Pradesh recorded a total of 36 mm rainfall against the long-term average of 74.1 mm, which is 51 percent less than normal. In eastern Uttar Pradesh, a total of 33.5 mm rainfall was recorded against the long-term average of 83.8 mm, which is 60 percent less than normal, while in western Uttar Pradesh, a total of 39.6 mm rainfall was recorded against the long-term average of 60.5 mm, which is 34 percent less than normal. During this period, the highest rainfall of 133.8 mm was recorded in Ayodhya district of the state.

Advice was given to farmers which includes:-

1. Be careful of lightning: There is a high possibility of lightning in the initial phase of monsoon. All farmers should download Damini and Sachet app in their mobile and follow its instructions.

2. Transplanting of paddy: Transplant the prepared paddy saplings on a war footing. Direct sowing of short duration varieties of rice should be done using drum seeder or seed drill.

3. Sowing of Kharif crops: Use only purified seeds. To get more production of pigeon pea, make ridges and ridges and sow on the ridges.

4. Sugarcane: In view of the possibility of attack of top borer insect in sugarcane, do safe treatment.

5. Green Manure: Farmers who have sown Sunai and Dhaincha, should turn the plants after 40 to 42 days.

6. Wasteland Improvement: Farmers should add gypsum as per requirement.

7. Cultivation of Shri Anna: Cultivate “Shri Anna” like maize, sorghum, millet, ragi, sawan, kodo etc.

8. Varieties of pigeon pea: Sow Narendra Arhar 2, Malviya Chamatkar, Rajendra Arhar-2, etc. on ridges.

9. Varieties of Soybean: PK 472, PS. 564, etc.

10. Peanut varieties: Sow GJG-9, GJG-31, etc.

11. Red rot disease in sugarcane: If symptoms of red rot disease are seen on the central vein of sugarcane leaves, uproot and destroy the plants and spray 0.1% thiophenate methyl.

12. Protection from fruit fly in mango: Use methyl eugenol and Q lure trap and spray neem extract 5% per liter of water.

13. Vaccination at present: Free vaccination of Brucella disease is going on till 30th June and of Galaghontu disease till 15th July.

14. Fisheries: Get induced breeding of Katla, Rohu, Nain fish species done.

15. Mulberry and Tussar sector: Insecticide production in monsoon seed crop and Tussar sector is going to start from the first week of July. Farmers are requested to follow these advisories and take all necessary steps for good crop yield.


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