The 5th episode of TVF’s Very Parivarik – Kaatil Chicken is out now!

Mumbai: With Very Parivarik, TVF has indeed tapped into yet another very interesting and relatable narrative that appeals to the masses. Bringing the story of a modern Indian family, the show talks about the challenges a couple faces as they start living with their parents. Ever since its release, the show has garnered immense love from the masses. While 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th episodes of the show have set a perfect momentum, now, finally, the 5th episode – Kaatil Chicken has been released.

TVF Very Parivarik is garnering immense love from all across. With the show, TVF has proved its prowess in grabbing the approach of Modern Indian families like no one else. Having paved a successful journey so far with 4 episodes, the 5th episode of the show has been released bringing a whole new kind of twist to the show. Well, as this has kept the audience excited for its release, now finally, the audience will witness an unexpected twist in the show. Being TVF’s first weekly show, Very Parivarik comes with something new for the audience to watch out for every week.

Very Parivarik is a story of a couple, where the son is an IT professional and his wife is from the film industry. As their parents come to their house to live with them, that’s when the real humor begins. The show dwells on very interesting situations of modern Indian families, creating a lot of humor. Remarkably, With 11 M+ views, 400 K+ engagements, 155 M+ impressions, and all the episodes of Very Parivarik are treading in the top 5 on YouTube.

Worth saying, that TVF has truly changed the dynamics while they further continued the spree with some more amazing shows like Panchayat, Gullak, Aspirants, and several others. These are not just TVFs best but also the best ones in the Indian content arena.


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