CM Yogi’s humane touch

Gorakhpur: Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s sensitivity towards the needy people is well known. Taking immediate initiative to solve their problems on the spot is a part of his working style. A glimpse of this sensitivity and working style of the Chief Minister was seen  when he had come to inspect the construction work of the flyover connecting TP Nagar Sixlane Marg and Deoria Bypass. During this, his eyes fell on a family living in a tin shed and the way was paved for solving the housing problem of this family.

On Saturday morning, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath reached near Deoria Bypass while inspecting TP Nagar Flyover, Sixlane Marg and started knowing the progress of the flyover connecting to this bypass. Then his eyes fell on a family standing on the roadside and looking at him. Seeing the poor condition of the family, CM Yogi moved towards them. He talked to the woman of that family who was at the front.

The Chief Minister asked a woman named Manju if she lives here. When the woman said yes, the Chief Minister asked why a permanent house has not been built. On this, the woman cited her poor financial condition. CM Yogi asked whether this land is yours, have you not got PM housing. Manju told that the land is hers but she has not got PM housing. The Chief Minister was moved after knowing Manju’s problem.

He immediately directed the administration officers to provide PM housing to this woman’s family as soon as possible. Also, if this family’s land has come under the scope of acquisition due to development work, then compensation should also be given soon. As soon as the CM’s instructions were received, the administration got involved in the process.

Manju’s eyes filled with joy after getting a firm assurance from the Chief Minister for the arrangement of housing. She expressed her gratitude to the CM with folded hands. After the Chief Minister’s inspection, Manju said, ‘Blessed is Maharaj ji. With his blessings, now our family’s problem will be solved and the dream of living in a pucca house will be fulfilled.’


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