Bridge on the river Sai

Sai river on Lucknow-Unnao border

Lucknow: Heavy vehicles have been diverted due to damage to previously constructed bridge on Sai river on Lucknow-Unnao border. Executive Engineer (Construction Block-2, PWD Lucknow)  Anoop Mishra while giving this information said that the bridge on Sai river on Lucknow-Unnao border on Mandhna Ganga Barrage – Shuklaganj Purwa Maurawan Mohanlalganj road (State Highway No.-173) is very old and has become dilapidated.

This bridge is built in 5X8.50 Mtr. span with two avetments and four piers, in which cracks have developed in two piers. Heavy vehicles are plying on this bridge. This bridge is not safe for the movement of heavy vehicles. Due to which there is a possibility of an unpleasant incident happening at any time.

Executive Engineer Construction Block-2 informed that in view of the dilapidated condition of the bridge, heavy vehicles have been completely banned from plying on the road, so that any untoward situation can be avoided. For diversion of heavy vehicles plying on this road, all heavy vehicles coming from Kanpur towards Mohanlalganj will come to Mohanlalganj via Gosainganj-Bani-Mohan Marg (SH-136) from Junabag on Lucknow-Kanpur National Highway and heavy vehicles going from Mohanlalganj towards Kanpur will proceed via Gosainganj-Bani-Mohan Marg (SH-136) via Junabag and Lucknow-Kanpur National Highway.


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