Aviation Turbine Fuel price hiked

Aviation Turbine Fuel

New Delhi: In keeping with global patterns in oil prices, the price of commercial LPG, which is used by hotels and restaurants, was reduced by Rs 30 per 19-kg cylinder on Monday, but the price of jet fuel, also known as aviation turbine fuel (ATF), increased by 1.2%.


In the national capital, the price of ATF increased by Rs 1,179.37 per kl to Rs 96,148.38 per kl, as per a pricing announcement from state-owned gasoline merchants.

The rise came after a sharp 6.5% (or Rs 6,673.87 per kilo) decrease on June 1.

Mumbai’s ATF tariff was increased from Rs 88,834.27 to Rs 89,908.30 per kilo.

State-by-state variations in prices are caused by the prevalence of municipal taxes.

Oil companies have lowered the cost of commercial LPG to Rs 1,646 for a 19-kg cylinder.

Rates have dropped for the fourth consecutive month. On June 1, the cost was last reduced by Rs 69 per cylinder. Rates have already been lowered by Rs 19 per cylinder on May 1 and Rs 30.5 on April 1.

Nonetheless, the price of cooking gas used in residential homes remained at Rs 803 per 14.2-kg cylinder.

Every month on the first, the state-owned Indian Oil Corporation, Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd, and Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd adjust the rates of cooking gas and ATF by factoring in the foreign currency rate and the average price of benchmark international fuel.

The cost of gasoline and diesel is still fixed. In mid-March, rates were reduced by Rs 2 per liter. In Delhi, a liter of petrol costs Rs 94.72, while a litre of diesel costs Rs 87.62.


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