Greater pull of voters towards NOTA

Lucknow: In Uttar Pradesh, people’s inclination towards voting has been fluctuating. There has been very good voting in the last two Lok Sabha elections. In the elections that started after independence, the voting percentage increased from 38.41 percent to a record 59.20 percent last time. This is a good sign, but ‘NOTA’ has definitely increased the tension of political parties and leaders. This option was given in EVM in 2014. Even then people pressed NOTA in large numbers. This increased further in 2019. The election results of many seats surprised…

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Abbas Ansari spends time at father’s grave

Ghazipur: After the death of mafia Mukhtar Ansari, son Abbas Ansari has got permission from the Supreme Court to read Fatiha on his father’s grave. For this, Abbas Ansari reached Ghazipur jail from Kasganj jail. Family sources said that today he will read Fatiha at his father’s grave in Mohammadabad, Ghazipur. Some family members may be present during this time. Abbas has been granted custodial parole for three days by the Supreme Court. During this time he will remain in Ghazipur jail. After this he will be sent back to…

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Mahamandaleshwar Hemangi Sakhi to take on Modi in Kashi

Varanasi: The country’s first third gender Mahamandaleshwar Hemangi Sakhi will contest from Varanasi Lok Sabha seat. Akhil Bharat Hindu Mahasabha has given ticket to Hemangi Sakhi from Banaras. She will reach Banaras on April 12 and will start her election campaign by taking blessings of Baba Vishwanath. Mahamandaleshwar Hemangi Sakhi said that the condition of transgender community in the entire country is pathetic. Not a single seat has been reserved for the transgender community. How will the transgender community present its views in the Lok Sabha and Assembly? Who will…

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Mellifluous tunes of Ram Bhajan add to Ramnavami mood


Ayodhya: Ayodhya which was immersed in the celebration of Ramlala’s life consecration, is now filled with the colors of Ramjanmotsav. Ramlala’s birth anniversary is going to be celebrated in a grand palace after 500 years. Therefore this time the celebration will be supernatural and grand. Ayodhya will be immersed in the joy of Ram Navami. Congratulatory songs and various rituals will start in eight thousand monasteries and temples of Ramnagari. Ram temple will be the center of attraction. During the auspicious time of Ram Janmotsav, Ram Lalla will wear special…

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CM Yogi makes an appeal for Ghanshyam Lodhi victory

Rampur: Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said that you have seen the changing India. Before 2014, Indian passports were not respected. Earlier, Pakistan used to make its presence felt anywhere in India, but today even if a firecracker is burst loudly, Pakistan already clarifies that it has not done anything. The enemy knows that if they look at India with a slant, then they will enter the den and know how to respond with air strikes. This is not the India which used to remain silent on blasts and terrorist incidents.…

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SP lays out its plan threadbare for 2024

Samajwadi Party

Lucknow: Samajwadi Party chief Akhilesh Yadav  released his party’s manifesto for the Lok Sabha elections. In his manifesto, he has promised to increase the wages of MNREGA workers. In the press conference, he has advocated giving MSP to the farmers. Important promises of SP’s manifesto (Samajwadi Party Manifesto) >> Under MNREGA, wages will be increased to Rs 450 and working days will be increased to 150. On the lines of MNREGA, the Urban Employment Guarantee Act will be implemented in the first parliamentary session of 2024. >> All vacant government…

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