Mellifluous tunes of Ram Bhajan add to Ramnavami mood


Ayodhya: Ayodhya which was immersed in the celebration of Ramlala’s life consecration, is now filled with the colors of Ramjanmotsav. Ramlala’s birth anniversary is going to be celebrated in a grand palace after 500 years. Therefore this time the celebration will be supernatural and grand. Ayodhya will be immersed in the joy of Ram Navami. Congratulatory songs and various rituals will start in eight thousand monasteries and temples of Ramnagari. Ram temple will be the center of attraction. During the auspicious time of Ram Janmotsav, Ram Lalla will wear special clothes made of Khadi from Chaitra Pratipada to Ram Navami.

Famous designer Manish Tripathi, who makes Ramlala’s clothes, said that Ramlala’s clothes have been made from special Khadi cotton. Gold and silver have been hand-printed on these. All the symbols used in printing are of Vaishnav system. Ramlala wears clothes according to the day. Therefore, clothes of different colors are being prepared for them.

Ramnagari will be decorated with 50 quintals of flowers

The main festival of Ram Navami, Ram Janmotsav, will be celebrated on 17th. On this day, flowers will be showered all over Ayodhya from helicopters. The Ram temple complex will be decorated grandly with foreign species of flowers like anthonium, nilayam, carnation, orchid, jarvera, marigold, rose, bella etc. Classical singers will recite sohar, congratulatory songs and bhajans in the court of Ramlala for nine days. The temple is being decorated with 50 quintals of flowers. Kanak Bhavan will also be decorated with 50 kg flowers. Hanumangarhi will also be beautified.

Ram will be praised through stories and sermons

Katha, discourse, Navahparayan, rituals etc. will start from Tuesday in thousands of temples of Ramnagari. Former MP Dr. Ramvilas Das will preach Vedanti Ramkatha in Hindu Dham. For the last 18 years he has been preaching Ramkatha on Ram Navami. Similarly, Mahant Dr. Ramanand Das will narrate the story of Ram in Dashrath Mahal.

Ramlala’s Surya Tilak will be done on Ram Navami, scientists are installing equipment

In Hanumanbagh, Surbhi, the symbol of mother power, will narrate the glory of Ramkatha to the devotees. Program coordinator Swami Narayanacharya said that this is his first ritual in Ayodhya. In Shriramballabhakunj, Premmurti will enthrall the devotees with Prembhushan Katha. Similarly, various rituals will begin in other temples including Kanak Bhavan, Hanumanbagh, Siyaram Fort, Shri Ramballabhakunj, Laxman Fort.

Will be able to witness Ramjanmotsav sitting at home

On the occasion of Ram Navami, lakhs of devotees can come to Ram temple. For those devotees who will not be able to reach Ram temple, Prasar Bharati will telecast the program live. More than a hundred LED TVs are being installed in the city. Through live telecast, devotees will be able to witness the birth anniversary of Ram Lalla sitting at home. Devotees coming to Ayodhya will also be able to watch live telecast on LEDs installed at various places.


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