SP lays out its plan threadbare for 2024

Samajwadi Party

Lucknow: Samajwadi Party chief Akhilesh Yadav  released his party’s manifesto for the Lok Sabha elections. In his manifesto, he has promised to increase the wages of MNREGA workers. In the press conference, he has advocated giving MSP to the farmers.

Important promises of SP’s manifesto (Samajwadi Party Manifesto)

>> Under MNREGA, wages will be increased to Rs 450 and working days will be increased to 150. On the lines of MNREGA, the Urban Employment Guarantee Act will be implemented in the first parliamentary session of 2024.

>> All vacant government jobs will be filled immediately. National Employment Policy and Mission Employment for All will be established. Laptop distribution scheme for youth will be implemented across the country. Paper leaks and corruption in competitive examinations will be completely eliminated.

>> 33% reservation for women in government jobs including police. ‘Free Girl Child Education’ ‘Free education from KG to PG’ for girls. 33% reservation will be ensured for women in Parliament and Assemblies. Women below the poverty line will be given a monthly pension of up to Rs 3000 per month.

>> There should be no delay in caste census, caste census will be conducted by 2025 so that everyone can get proper solution by 2026.

>> Will give flour instead of wheat in free ration. In terms of nutritional value and quality, this flour will be comparable to the flour of the best companies of the country.

>> Free mobile data worth Rs 500 will be given to every ration card holding family. With free data, there will be no more ‘digital divide’ between the digital rich and the digital poor.

>> Loans of all farmers will be waived off by the end of the year.

>> MSP for milk and farmers as per Swaminathan’s report.

>> Formation of Farmers Commission.

>> Pension of Rs 5000 per month to small and marginal farmers.

>> An agricultural market will be built at 10 km.

>> Rolling fund of ten thousand crores for sugarcane farmers of UP.

>> Free education for daughters till PG.

>> Social justice, saving democracy, freedom of media.

>> Promise to provide justice to all by 2029.

>> Freedom from hunger and eradication of poverty by 2029.

>> All reserved vacancies will be filled by 2025.

>> Everyone’s participation in the private sector.


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