Project Tiger gets more monetary muscle

Lucknow: The Yogi government, which is writing the script for the integrated development of Uttar Pradesh, is also constantly trying to get the unique natural beauty of the state recognized at the global level. The Yogi government, committed to the development of the forest areas, sanctuaries and reserve sanctuaries of Uttar Pradesh, is also determined to conserve various types of animals including tigers and elephants in the state.

As a result of this, along with the conservation of animals in the Tiger and Elephant Reserves in the state, the process of identifying and developing the unlimited possibilities of tourism hidden here is also going on.

On the one hand, this has provided an opportunity to increase revenue through tourism development in the state, while on the other hand, the way has been paved for the conservation of tigers, elephants and other protected animals. Now as per the wishes of CM Yogi, preparations have been started to speed up various projects related to the conservation of tigers and elephants in the state.

Amount of Rs 5.31 crore released for ‘Project Tiger and Project Elephant’

It is noteworthy that the double engine government has started Project Tiger and Project Elephant for the conservation of tigers and elephants in the country and under this project, this project is also being implemented in various reserves of Uttar Pradesh. Work is going on at various levels under the project in the state and to promote these works, the Yogi government has released the public amount by incorporating the assistance received from the Center with the state share.

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The Principal Chief Conservator of Forests and Head of the Department of Forest Department have been informed about this by issuing a government order. A total amount of Rs 5.31 crore has been released for the project in the financial year 2024-25.

The money will be spent on many other items including construction work. The amount released under the project (Project Tiger and Project Elephant) will be used in many items. The allocated amount will pave the way for the purchase of machines, plants and equipment and completion of construction work. Apart from this, the money can be used in various items including office expenses and wages.

It is worth mentioning that in Uttar Pradesh, not only the work of development of various types of tourist facilities is going on in the tourist areas of reserve forest regions, but some construction work is also going on in the core area regions of forests in the areas. The process of completing various works for the purpose of conservation of animals including construction of reservoirs is going on and the completion of these works will be accelerated through allocation of funds.


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