Post demolition drive, Kukrail awaits a new beginning

Lucknow: Akbarnagar area of ​​Lucknow, which was filled with illegal encroachments by encroaching the Kukrail river, is now buried in the pages of history. Preparations are now being made to develop this area as a hub of eco-tourism. Apart from the river front and the country’s first night safari, the government has prepared a complete roadmap to brighten this area.

Its implementation will start soon. With the efforts of the Yogi government and the order of the Supreme Court, this entire area has been vacated from the occupation of those who inhabited this area for several decades but illegally. Every illegal house and big commercial establishments built here by occupying the land have been razed to the ground. LDA carried out its action by demolishing the last remaining four-storey building early on Wednesday. After the completion of the action started on June 10, now the Yogi government is going to focus on the all-round development of this area. More than 1800 illegal constructions razed in Akbarnagar

Due to the collusion of previous governments and land mafia, illegal constructions were made here by occupying the land of Kukrail river. Chief Minister Yogi paid attention to this after taking power in the state. During the survey on the instructions of the government, a large number of illegal constructions were revealed on the river land, after which CM Yogi decided to run a bulldozer against this illegal construction.

This campaign, which started in December 2023 before the Lok Sabha elections, continued uninterrupted even after the Lok Sabha elections and finally stopped only after demolishing the last building in the early hours of June 19. During this, Yogi’s bulldozer razed 1169 houses and 101 commercial constructions built illegally here.

In this campaign, more than 1800 illegal constructions built on about 24.5 acres of land have been demolished, which shows the comprehensiveness of this campaign. During this time, many obstacles also came, but CM Yogi faced every challenge and fulfilled his commitment to complete this campaign. To fulfill his resolve to revive the Kukrail river, CM Yogi fought from the High Court to the Supreme Court. The court also considered the action of the Yogi government to be correct.

Akbarnagar will be developed afresh

After the area of ​​​​Kukrail river is cleared, now the river front will be developed here. Dashauli village near Bakshi’s pond is considered to be its origin, so it will be developed from there. Also, the area will be beautified by interlinking all the ponds present here. Apart from this, many other projects under the Urban Development Department will be given concrete shape here. Not only this, many other departments have also been entrusted with the responsibility of developing this area.

The layout plan of these projects is being prepared and soon it will be announced after the approval of CM Yogi. At the same time, the Yogi government is going to make the Kukrail forest area a hub of eco-tourism. The country’s first night safari is going to be developed here. Kukrail Night Safari Park will be the country’s first night safari.

The areas developed on the theme of Indian Walking Trail, Indian Foothill, Indian Wetland, Arid India and African Wetland will be the main attractions in the Night Safari area.

Animals of 54 species will be kept in a total of 42 enclosures in the Night Safari. Tourists will visit the Night Safari Park through a 5.5 km tram-way and a 1.92 km path-way. Asiatic Lion, Gharial, Bengal Tiger, Flying Squirrel, Leopard, Hyena etc. will be the center of attraction in the Night Safari. Beautiful parks will be developed on both sides of the Kukrail River. There will also be adventure activities.

Yogi’s action is being appreciated on social media

This action of CM Yogi is also being discussed on social media. People are posting videos of the demolition of the last building and praising Yogi Adityanath. Users are posting before and after pictures and telling how this area was encroached.


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