Mentally disturbed person reunited with family

Lucknow: This morning, while visiting the area, constable Naveen Kumar and constable Akhilesh of the polygon of Sairpur police station saw a suspicious person near Seva Dhaba Sitapur Road.

When he was stopped, he was mentally unwell and he threw the stuff in his bag on the road itself. It contained Rs. 1.53 lakh cash, silver jewellery, plates, gold jewellery and other items.

The polygon employees collected the suspect Amit Kumar son of Ashok Kumar, resident of Green City Dhawapur Phase 2, Banthra police station, Lucknow and brought him to the police station.

The name and address of the suspect was verified and the family was informed. The family members, in the presence of his father Ashok Kumar and village head Raja Rawat, came and told that the suspect Amit Kumar is mentally unstable and he has been missing from home for 2 days with money and stuff.

Amit Srivastava was handed over to his family members along with cash, jewellery and other stuff worth about Rs. 3 lakh and was sent off. The family members praised the local police.


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