China watches Indo – Russian bonhomie closely

Indo - Russian bonhomie

Moscow: At this time, the attention of the entire global community is on Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The reason is the Russia visit. Yes, ever since PM Modi has reached Russia, America has been keeping an eye on him. At the same time, now China has also given a big statement regarding PM Modi’s Russia visit.

China’s official Global Times newspaper has given a statement on PM Modi’s Russia visit and the concerns of Western countries due to it. China has said that Narendra Modi’s good friendship with Russia is not bothering us but Western countries.

PM Modi’s first visit to Russia

This is PM Modi’s first foreign visit since the beginning of his third term. During this, he met Russian President Vladimir Putin and also talked openly in an informal meeting. Today i.e. on Tuesday, a delegation meeting of both the leaders will be held.

Western countries keeping a close watch

Regarding the Putin-PM Modi meeting, China said that some Western media are keeping a close and apprehensive watch on this visit. China said that Russia’s growing ties with China could potentially affect India-Russia relations.

Increasing tension of Western countries

China said that New Delhi’s deepening ties with Moscow are highlighting the growing concerns of Western countries. According to China, Western media is keeping a close eye on Modi’s ongoing visit to Russia. Let us tell you that this is Modi’s first visit to Russia since the Russia-Ukraine conflict began in February 2022. Some media outlets, including VOA, have claimed that Modi’s goal is to ensure that Russia’s relations with China do not affect its relations with India.

Who is afraid?

China has claimed that the West is more concerned about India’s deepening ties with Russia. Long Jingchun, a professor at the School of International Relations at Sichuan International Studies University, told the Global Times on Monday that China does not see close Russia-India ties as a threat, while Western countries are dissatisfied with India’s relations with Russia.

Despite the pressure, India has….

China said that Western countries have constantly tried to draw India into the Western camp and balance China’s influence, but India’s response has not been in line with the political and diplomatic initiatives taken by the West, leaving them increasingly disappointed. Despite Western pressure, Modi chose Russia as his first destination for a foreign visit after starting his third term.

Why is India’s visit to Russia important

According to China, PM Modi’s move is aimed not only at strengthening India’s relations with Russia but also at increasing India’s strength in dealings with the US and other Western countries. The expert said that it is important for a big country like India to maintain stable relations with Russia and continue defense industry cooperation.


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