Can Bhajan Kaur hit the bull’s eye remains to be seen ?

Sirsa: This time the Olympic Games are to be held in Paris from 26 July to 11 August. After hockey player Savita Poonia, Bhajan Kaur is the second woman from Sirsa district who will represent the country in the Olympics. She will show her talent in archery.

Bhajan Kaur, daughter of Bhagwan Singh, a resident of Ellenabad, has secured her place for the Archery Olympics-2024. She will participate in the recurve event. In archery, Bhajan Kaur has got India a quota in the Olympics by winning the gold medal in the women’s individual recurve event in qualifying for the Olympics in Antalya (Turkey). Bhajan Kaur has brought laurels to her parents as well as the district by winning gold and silver medals in archery. Dialogue

Bhajan is currently practicing in Pune
Father Bhagwan Singh said that Bhajan has worked very hard to reach the Olympics. At present she is practicing archery at the All India Camp Pune. Bhagwan Singh says that Bhajan Kaur is so dedicated to archery that even months pass by to come home. When the daughter could not come home, he went to Pune to meet her. So that, he could bless his daughter for victory before the Olympics.

This is how her archery journey started

Father Bhagwan Singh told that when Bhajan Kaur was in class 8, a senior’s bow and arrow was left in the school. During this time, a teacher of the school asked her to shoot the bow. She did archery very well. Seeing this, all the teachers of the school were impressed. From here, Bhajan’s archery journey started.

Father took a loan and got her started with the sport

Bhagwan Singh shares when Bhajan Kaur told him that she wanted to do archery, he felt very happy. He postponed it due to the financial crisis at home. But seeing the stubbornness and passion of the daughter, he took money and bought the first archery kit for 25 thousand rupees. This worked for some time but the kit was not so good. After this, he once again raised money and bought a kit worth three and a half lakh rupees for his daughter.

Younger brother following the path of sister

Bhajan Kaur’s father is a farmer. Mother is a housewife. She has a sister and a brother. Younger brother is also taking archery training. Seeing elder sister doing archery, her brother has also decided to take up this sport.


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