Forced repatriation fuels humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan

Afghanistan humanitarian crisis

Islamabad: In the last few days, Iran and Pakistan have deported about 12,000 Afghan migrants. The Taliban’s Ministry of Refugees has said in a statement that 11,997 Afghan migrants have been expelled from their country by the governments of Pakistan and Iran. All the refugees have returned to Afghanistan.

News agency ANI quoted Khaama Press as saying that those expelled from Iran and Pakistan entered Afghanistan from Torghundi, Spin Boldak, Islam Qala-Herat and Abreshim-Nimruz borders between July 3 and 6.

Earlier 13,447 Afghan migrants were expelled

According to Khaama Press report, despite the international response, the process of deporting Afghan migrants from Iran and Pakistan continues amid the humanitarian crisis. Earlier 13,447 Afghan migrants were expelled from Iran and Pakistan.

Humanitarian crisis deepens in Afghanistan

The forced repatriation of Afghan refugees from Iran and Pakistan has deepened the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. In fact, many of the migrants who have been deported face an uncertain future after returning to Afghanistan, as Afghanistan is currently facing economic instability and lack of essential basic services.

Humanitarian organizations are facing difficulty in helping

On the other hand, due to the sudden increase in refugees returning to Afghanistan, humanitarian organizations are facing difficulties in helping everyone at once. At the same time, human rights groups and organizations around the world have condemned the large-scale deportation and raised concerns about the safety of Afghan exiles.


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