Spain’s unique effort to check adult content access by children

Madrid: While many countries in the world including India have banned porn sites, Spain has introduced a porn passport, which has become the most talked about topic recently. Spain has introduced the Digital Wallet Beta (Cartera Digital Beta), commonly referred to as the ‘porn passport,’ to prevent children from accessing pornography. This initiative responds to data revealing that half of Spanish children aged 11 to 13 are viewing adult content, coupled with a 116% increase in sexual assaults by minors over the past five years.

As reported by The Local, individuals wishing to view pornography online will need to obtain a monthly pass for adult websites. This measure aims to restrict children’s access to pornographic material.

Data from the Dale Una Vuelta association, cited by The Local, indicates that children typically first encounter pornography between the ages of eight and nine, and over half of those aged 11 to 13 watch such content.

Users will need to download the Beta Digital Wallet app on their mobile phones, which will verify that they are over 18 through their official digital ID. Verification can be done using an electronic DNI or digital certificate. According to iNews, acceptable forms of identification include ID cards, health or residence cards, driving licenses, or passports.

The app functions like a mobile phone wallet, providing access to adult platforms via a QR code that users must scan. Politico reports that upon verification, users will receive 30 credits to access adult content for one month, with the option to request additional credits if needed.

To prevent websites from retaining users’ data, The Local notes that the monthly pass must be renewed. This verification system will apply only to adult platforms in Spain, but Spain’s digital transformation ministry is seeking cooperation from social networks and instant messaging apps.

Spain’s National Cybersecurity Institute (INCIBE) will manage access to web pages outside Spanish jurisdiction, ensuring that browsers can verify the age of those attempting to access adult content.


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