KGMU Dental Faculty creating future leaders – Dr. Saumyendra Vikram Singh

Lucknow: A highly published Dental expert, Dr. Saumyendra Vikram Singh currently works at the Department of Prosthodontics, King George’s Medical University. His specialization involves in research areas namely – Dental Surgery, Dentistry and Prosthodontics. Among his voluminous research publications includes one on ‘Rehabilitation of a complex oro-facial defect by modified prosthetic approach’. He boasts of a M.D.S in Prosthodontics from King George`s Medical University. He is Professor and in charge Maxillofacial Prosthetic Unit, Prosthodontics Department KGMU UP, Lucknow, India.

In a freewheeling chat, Dr. Saumyendra Vikram Singh is proud of the work the dental faculty at KGMU is doing.

Dr Saumyendra Vikram Singh spoke at length about how KGMU is playing a lead role in churning out future leaders in the dentistry arena. Dr. Singh said that Lucknow slowly is turning out to be a medical hub driven by corporate culture armed with good quality treatment helping train young aspiring professionals in the medical field. He said the competition has grown manifold in the current scenario. He said that it is indeed a very proud feeling that KGMU in U.P. is teaching medical best practices especially in the dental sphere. He said the faculty of Dental Sciences not only caters to U.P. but neighbouring States and even Nepal. He said that the Dental Faculty, which has a daily OPD of around a 1000 patients, started taking shape back in  the 1950s.

While there has been a widespread expansion, there are nine departments of Dental Care covering 9 specialties. Right from prosthodontics to oral and maxillofacial surgery, pedodontics , oral pathology, oral medicine & radiology. The institute offers plethora of radiographs given the fact that visualisation forms a major part of Dental Care in today’s times. He also spoke about orthopantogram, the CBCT and advance techniques like the use of scanners, 3D imagery, 3D printers and 3D models.

Dr. Singh said that with growing dependence on digital technology, it is now getting easier to help control common problems such as hyperactive gag reflex or  cut down infections that can be transferred from person to person, like at the time of COVID – 19. He also said that Digital Technology has helped in a major way to break down time consumption, cut down expenditure and also help in making transition from manual to planning on screen. He said the better final outcome for patients is now a major blessing. Bridges no longer need manual impressions with technicians playing the lead. He said through scanning and printing a lot of the work becomes much easier. This he said plays a major role in succesful rehabilitation with dental implants.

As innovation and technology take centre stage, with robotics, it is getting easier to do a flawless procedure. The robot is not susceptible to emotion, however complete reliance on robots is still not possible.

He says the programming still has to be controlled by humans.  Carrying the point forward, AI is taking over in a major way – be it evaluating an X-Ray, or devising the best treatment plan for a patient.

He said in future some dental personnel might become obsolete or reduced in number because a lot of the work will be done through AI, 3D printing and robotics.

However, he said the scientific application of Dental Science will always need human intervention.

Talking about the changing application of dentistry, he said today dentistry is less need based and more demand based. Now things are less time consuming.

With the number of dentists in urban area having gone up, the competition has really gone up. Unfortunately, this has the potential to increase unethical practices, is a matter of concern and needs to be addressed by the concerned authorities.

In his message to the public – Dr. Saumyendra Vikram Singh said in general a dental checkup is a must once in a year. In case of ore existing  one must approach the doctor every three- six months. He said – one must approach the doctor in a timely manner, rather than procrastinate, because if things are caught in the nascent stage, action is possible and the best outcome can be achieved.

He calls for regular brushing using proper technique, and check ups for timely diagnosis for oral cancer, which is very common in India today.


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