Round the clock power supply in Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh

Lucknow: Due to severe heat  wave in the state, the demand for electricity has increased considerably. The Energy Department is successfully meeting the increased demand for electricity. On June 12, 2024, at 22.33 pm, the maximum peak hour demand was met by supplying the highest ever electricity of 30240 MW in the state.

On June 12 itself, at 17.57 pm, the minimum demand was 23988 MW of electricity. The state consumed the highest amount of electricity in a day in the entire country, 653.53 million units. In terms of power supply, the supply made to the state was the highest in the entire country and Uttar Pradesh is far ahead of other leading states of the country.

Giving this information, Urban Development and Energy Minister of Uttar Pradesh,  AK Sharma said that under the blessings of the Honorable Prime Minister and the guidance of the Honorable Chief Minister, due to the efficient management of the Energy Department and the dedication of the electricity personnel, the state has achieved this historic achievement and we are currently supplying the highest amount of electricity in the history of the state. He said that new records are being made in the field of energy for the last two years and soon the entire state will get roster free 24X7 power supply.

The Energy Minister said that at present, an average of 24 hours power supply was provided in the entire state. In this, 24 hours power supply was provided in industrial areas, metros, divisional and district headquarters, tehsil headquarters, Bundelkhand region, Nagar Panchayats etc. At the same time, 23.55 hours of power supply was also provided in rural areas.

For the people of the state to get uninterrupted power supply, for the last two years, work is being done to strengthen the power infrastructure, increase the capacity of sub-stations and transformers, wherever dilapidated poles and cables are becoming a hindrance in power supply, they are being replaced.

Efforts are being made to ensure that consumers get uninterrupted power supply as per demand. Due to better functioning of the Energy Department, efficient management and dedication and devotion of the power personnel towards work, success has been achieved in supplying 24 hours power to the entire state. Even now, wherever complaints of power disruption due to local faults are received, not only are they being resolved promptly, but efforts are also being made to resolve the problem from the root so that it does not recur in the future.

In this, work is being done to strengthen the power system by taking advice from public representatives, consumers and experts.

The Energy Minister has congratulated the people of the state, consumers and power personnel for this historic achievement and has also appreciated the hard work of the personnel in restoring uninterrupted power supply. He has directed the power personnel to serve the consumers with full dedication and commitment, so that soon the state gets a leading position in the entire country not only in power supply but also in the field of consumer service.


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