AK Sharma calls for urgent cleaning of drains

AK Sharma

Lucknow: Uttar Pradesh’s Urban Development and Energy Minister AK Sharma has directed that all the bodies should get the drains cleaned completely before the monsoon season arrives and maximum use of machines and manpower should be made in cleaning the bushes, silt etc. grown in it. The bodies of the state should have a place in the national and global bench marking. For this, qualitative improvement should be made in the development works, management and beautification works. Cleanliness of the bodies should be further improved by increasing the infrastructure. Urban Development Minister AK Sharma was reviewing the works of urban development through video conferencing at the field hostel Sangam of Jal Nigam.

He (AK Sharma) directed all the Municipal Commissioners and Executive Officers to make timely use of the funds sent for development works. There should be no waterlogging in the bodies during the rainy season and the drains should be cleaned on time. The pumping system for removing water from cities should be in proper condition, all pumps should be in working condition, it should be monitored beforehand.

The Urban Development Minister (AK Sharma) said that cleanliness work has improved in all the bodies. But there is still a need to improve it, for this, use whatever infrastructure is needed. This time we have to pay special attention to the cleanliness, management and beautification works in big cities like Lucknow, Ayodhya, Prayagraj, Varanasi, Ghaziabad etc. Take effective action to ban the use of single use plastic. It is still the season of heatwave and severe heat, to ensure that there is no problem of drinking water anywhere in the bodies, the water ATMs installed in the bodies should be in full working condition.

He said that to improve cleanliness, pay special attention to door-to-door garbage collection. Motivate people to use dustbins in homes and commercial places. Piles of garbage should not be seen anywhere in the cities. Eliminate all Garbage Vulnerable Points (GVPs). Make such places useful by beautifying and beautifying them. Beautify and arrange squares and parks as well. Also take care of the arrangement of the vending zone of the cities, so that both the vendors and the customers like it. We have to increase the quality of life in the city at all costs.

The Urban Development Minister directed to take effective steps from now on to prevent communicable diseases. He said that special attention will be paid to ensure that there is no waterlogging and supply of dirty water in the cities. He also directed to fix the responsibility of the concerned officials for improving the urban system. Said that there should be adequate arrangements for fodder and water for the animals at Kanha Gaushalas. Also pay attention to the fact that stray dogs do not become a problem for the people in the bodies.

On this occasion, Secretary Urban Development Ajay Kumar Shukla, Special Secretary, Director Urban Development Nitin Bansal, Director SUDA Dr. Anil Kumar Pathak along with other officers were present in the meeting and Municipal Commissioners of all Municipal Corporations, Executive Officers of the bodies and Jal Nigam officials participated virtually.


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