Magnificience of Corbett’s Tigers beckons

Jim Corbett National Park

Nainital: The Jim Corbett National Park Tiger Trail is an exciting adventure that allows visitors to explore the wilderness of Jim Corbett National Park in India with a focus on spotting tigers. Here’s what you can expect from the Tiger Trail:

  1. Guided Safaris: The trail typically includes guided safaris led by experienced naturalists and guides who are knowledgeable about the park’s flora and fauna, especially its tiger population.
  2. Tiger Tracking: The main highlight of the Tiger Trail is the opportunity to track tigers in their natural habitat. Guides use their expertise to follow tiger signs like pugmarks, roars, scratches on trees, and other clues.
  3. Learning About Wildlife: Apart from tigers, the trail offers insights into the diverse wildlife of Corbett National Park, including elephants, deer, leopards, and a variety of bird species.
  4. Accommodation: Depending on the package, accommodation options range from forest lodges to luxury campsites within the park or in nearby areas.
  5. Nature Walks: Some packages may also include nature walks and birdwatching sessions, allowing participants to appreciate the smaller details of the ecosystem.
  6. Conservation and Education: Many Tiger Trail programs emphasize wildlife conservation and educate participants about the challenges faced by tigers and their habitats.
  7. Duration: Trails can vary in duration, from a single day to several days, with overnight stays in the wilderness to maximize wildlife viewing opportunities.
  8. Season: The best time to go on a Tiger Trail in Corbett National Park is typically from October to June, avoiding the monsoon season when the park is closed.

Overall, the Jim Corbett National Park Tiger Trail offers a thrilling and educational experience for wildlife enthusiasts, providing a chance to observe tigers in their natural environment while promoting conservation awareness.


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