Indo Pak border to play host to biggest war exercise

Kargil War

New Delhi: Kargil War…This war completely changed the Indian Army. Because the army had no experience of mountain fighting. But despite this, they were responding immediately to the continuous firing of the enemy from Tiger Hills. This war completely changed the Indian Army. Because the army had no experience of mountain fighting.  In this war, the Indian Air Force also showed its full strength. The result was that the fourth war was declared by Pakistan but once again the Indian Army ended the war.

After this war, many steps were taken by the Indian Defense Ministry to strengthen the Indian Air Force as much as possible. The result of this is that today the Air Force fleet includes more than one advanced type of fighter aircraft and helicopters. To strengthen the Air Force, exercises are also being conducted with allied countries. Under this, the Air Force is going to conduct the biggest exercise ‘Operation Tarang Shakti’ in Jodhpur near the Pakistan border.

This exercise will be conducted before Independence Day. Along with the Indian Air Force, air forces of about 12 countries will also participate in it in Jodhpur. Talking to News 24 about this exercise, Air Force spokesperson Ashish Mange said that this is going to be the biggest exercise till date. The special thing is that fire fighters will also be included in such exercises which are happening for the first time. The power of the world’s most powerful fighter planes and military aircraft will be seen in this.

It will compete with America’s ‘Red Flag War Game’

Operation Tarang Shakti will include fighter planes of the air forces of many countries including America, Britain, Spain, France, Germany, Japan, UAE and Australia. In this exercise, the brave fighter bombers and strategic lift aircraft of the world’s most powerful air force are also being included. According to Air Force sources, this exercise will be done in two phases. The launch will take place in the last week of July from an airbase in South India. At the same time, the second phase will be done in Jodhpur.

It will be held in Jodhpur from mid-August to mid-September. 12 countries have been invited in the exercise. The Air Force of Spain and UAE are also going to participate in this exercise for the first time. According to Air Force sources, this exercise is going to be at the level of America’s ‘Red Flag War Game’.

The Red Flag War Game took place in June 2023. In this, the Indian Air Force participated with Rafale fighter aircraft. Now India is going to conduct its first multinational air force exercise.


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