Netanyahu optimistic of peaceful times ahead


Tel Aviv: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said that the fierce fighting in Gaza against Hamas is about to end soon.

In an interview to Israeli Channel 14 TV News, Netanyahu said  that “the war in Rafah is about to end”. He also said that the war in the entire Gaza Strip is “very close” to ending.

Netanyahu also said that this does not mean that the conflict with Hamas in the Gaza Strip will end. The fight against Hamas will continue, Xinhua news agency reported.

Netanyahu said, after the war in Gaza ends, “we will continue to move north”, referring to Israel’s warnings of starting a war against Lebanese armed group Hezbollah.

He said that any agreement to ensure a ceasefire on the Israel-Lebanon border “will be on our terms.” Hezbollah-Israel has been fighting in the north of Israel since October 7, 2023.

He said he would only agree to a deal that would completely remove Hamas from power in the Gaza Strip and release about 100 hostages still held in Gaza.


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