Fire safety and evacuation drill’ held at CMS Kanpur Road Campus

CMS Kanpur Road Campus

Lucknow: A ‘Fire Safety and Evacuation Drill’ was conducted at CMS Kanpur Road premises wherein the children who had arrived from USA, Germany, Norway, Portugal, Indonesia, Vietnam, Sweden and India learnt the skills of fire fighting, safety and precautions with great precision and alertness. These children from 8 countries are participating in a 15-day International Youth Meeting being hosted by City Montessori School.

At the ‘Fire Safety and Evacuation Mock Drill’, young representatives from various countries were taught about the various fire safety measures and equipment and also shown demonstration about the way to use these equipments in case of a fire accident.  Children learnt about the methods of using fire extinguishers and fire hydrant systems and how to deal with some minor accidents, first aid and rescue operations. It may be mentioned here that and all the campuses of CMS have been equipped with various latest fire safety measures that include State-of-the-Art Fire Hydrant, Down Comers, Risers, Sprinklers and Fire Alarm facilities etc.

Rishi Khanna, Public Relations Officer of CMS informed that the ‘Fire Safety and Evacuation Mock Drill’ was successful in creating awareness among the children as well as the elders regarding fire safety measures. He emphasized that children must be taught to safeguard themselves against fire accidents and these live demonstrations will be useful to the children throughout their life.


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