CM Yogi gives point by point rebuttal to Anupriya Patel charges

Lucknow: Yogi Government has completely rejected all the allegations of Union Minister of State Anupriya Patel by responding to her letter with evidence.

Interview process is based on coding

Minister Anupriya Patel had written a letter to Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on June 27, in which it was said that in direct recruitments through interview, candidates of OBC and SC, ST category are declared ‘not found suitable’ and no candidate from these categories is selected. In competitive exams appointed through interview, the posts of OBC, SC-ST are declared unreserved.

On this letter written to the Chief Minister, the UP Public Service Commission has clarified the situation by replying to the government. UPPSC has said that reserved posts can never be unreserved. The commission has said that reserved posts come under the category of carry forward, there is no provision to change them.

The UP Public Service Commission said that the interview process is based on coding. In this, the number, name, registration number, serial number, category and age of the candidates are kept confidential. That is, personal details are not placed before the interview council. The interview council does not mark ‘not suitable’. Only grading is given.

The commission has said that if the candidates do not achieve the minimum qualifying marks in any category or the candidates are not available in relation to the vacancies, then the commission does not have the right to convert all such vacancies into any other category at the level of the commission. As per the procedure prescribed in the government order, such vacancies are carried forward while taking action, that is, the posts of those categories are included in the next recruitment.


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