Opposition propoganda misled public – Sanjay Nishad

Lucknow: National President Nishad Party and Cabinet Minister, Government of Uttar Pradesh, Dr. Sanjay Kumar Nishad  was on a tour of Ambedkar Nagar district. On various public welfare schemes being run by the Central and State Government.

During this, while addressing the press conference at the Circuit House in Akbarpur, he said that the Central and State Government are running various public welfare schemes for the development and upliftment of Nishad community in the state, so that the economically and socially backward Nishad community can be connected to the mainstream of development.

Nishad  said that under the leadership of  Chief Minister, many schemes are being run in the interest of the fishermen community in the state, such as Nishad Raj Boat Scheme, Chief Minister Matsya Sampada Yojana and Fisherman Welfare Fund have also been established, under which various public welfare schemes like medical benefits, education benefits, fishermen housing have been included for the fishermen community, so that the fishermen community can be connected to the mainstream of development.

On the question asked by journalists on the result of Lok Sabha elections held in the country,  Nishad  said that there was no anger or anti-incumbency among the public towards the central and state government in Uttar Pradesh, the public was misled by the opposition on various issues like if NDA government is formed at the center then reservation will be abolished, ₹ 8000 per month and ₹ 100000 annually will be given in the accounts of women, many such misleading propagandas were done by the opposition among the public, due to which the narrative of the public was set and the people of Uttar Pradesh are very naive and got into their misleading propaganda, due to which we have lost on some seats.

The government has been formed in the country under the leadership of our successful NDA leader  Prime Minister  Narendra Modi and under his leadership the country will touch new heights again.  Nishad  took a dig at the opposition and said that people are lining up outside his office asking when will they get ₹ 8000, the public has understood that these are deceitful people, deceit is in their nature. The opposition walks with Ram in its mouth and a knife in its armpit. He said that by-elections are to be held on 10 assembly seats in the state,  Nishad said in a filmy style that let’s come to the by-election and see who has how much strength.

On the role of Nishad Party in the by-election

Nishad  said that the Bharatiya Janata Party has been in the role of the elder brother from the beginning and they had given 15 seats to the Nishad Party in the assembly elections 2022, in such a situation, under the coalition dharma, Katehari and Majhwa seats have been our quota seats and Nishad Party and NDA will contest the by-elections vigorously and will expose the lies of the opposition by registering a victory.


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