No breaking of ice visible between Russia, Ukraine

Russia-Ukraine war

Moscow: The Russia-Ukraine war, as of June 2024, continues to be intense and multifaceted, with significant developments on various fronts.

  1. Military Developments: Ukrainian forces have recently made advances in areas such as Vovchansk, while Russian forces have gained ground near Lyptsi, Avdiivka, and Velyka Novosilka in Western Zaporizhia Oblast. Russian military operations remain focused on pushing Ukrainian forces back from the international border with Belgorod Oblast and capturing the entirety of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions​ (Institute for the Study of War)​.
  2. Russian Strategy and Tactics: The Russian military is continuing its efforts to surround Ukrainian forces in Eastern Ukraine and secure key strategic locations. This includes a significant push in Kharkiv Oblast to bring Ukrainian positions within artillery range of Kharkiv City​ (Institute for the Study of War)​.
  3. Information Warfare: Russia has intensified its information operations, particularly targeting the legitimacy of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. President Putin has been attempting to portray Zelensky as an illegitimate leader, arguing that the Ukrainian Parliament, the Verkhovna Rada, should assume power. This narrative is part of a broader strategy to destabilize Ukrainian governance and undermine both domestic and international support for Ukraine’s leadership​ (Institute for the Study of War)​.
  4. International Relations: On the diplomatic front, there are reported tensions between Russia and China over economic issues, despite their public alignment. Additionally, Russia is seeking to bolster its military and economic ties with various African nations​ (Institute for the Study of War)​.
  5. Humanitarian Impact: The conflict continues to cause significant civilian casualties and displacement. Recent Russian missile attacks have resulted in numerous injuries and deaths, exacerbating the humanitarian crisis​ (Institute for the Study of War)​.

Overall, the war is characterized by ongoing military confrontations, strategic territorial maneuvers, and significant efforts by Russia to influence the political narrative within Ukraine and among the international community. The situation remains fluid, with both sides making tactical gains and facing substantial challenges.


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