India, Austria decode future frontiers

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on a two-day visit to Austria. Delegation level talks were held between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer. Various aspects of bilateral partnership were discussed in this.

The two leaders also exchanged views on regional and global issues of mutual interest. Foreign Ministry spokesperson Randhir Jaiswal said that during the talks, topics related to trade and green energy, AI, start-ups, investment, science and technology, environment and climate change, cultural cooperation and people-to-people relations were discussed.

Earlier, creating a new history in bilateral relations, the Prime Minister was warmly welcomed by the Chancellor of Austria. This historic visit of an Indian Prime Minister to Austria is taking place after 4 decades. During this, both the leaders addressed a joint press conference.

The Prime Minister said that both the countries agree on reforms in the United Nations and other international institutions to make them contemporary and effective. Both countries strongly condemn terrorism and agree that it cannot be accepted and justified in any form.

PM Modi said that today there was a very meaningful conversation between me and Chancellor Nehammer. We have identified new possibilities to further strengthen mutual cooperation. We have decided that the relationship will be given a strategic direction. We both strongly condemn terrorism. We agree that it is not acceptable in any form. It cannot be justified in any way.

PM Modi said that I and Chancellor Nehammer have talked in detail about all the disputes going on in the world, whether it is the conflict in Ukraine or the situation in West Asia. I have said earlier that this is not the time for war. We talked about the disputes going on in the world. We have also talked about Ukraine. We have talked for peace and stability.

We are making every effort for peace. Climate and terrorism are also important issues. Giving information on the points of agreement, the Prime Minister said that the two countries have identified new possibilities to further strengthen mutual cooperation. Also, the relations will be given a strategic direction.

Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer said that the world economy is going through a challenging phase. In such a situation, it is especially important for Austria, which has an export-oriented economy, to seek new economic cooperation. Today his country has better economic and trade relations with India than ever before.

Which reflects mutual trust and confidence. Currently, there is a trade of 2.7 billion euros between the two countries. More than 150 Austrian businesses are working in India. We hope that this number will increase. There will also be Indian investment in Austria.


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