30 foot tall string portrait of PM Modi trends

Goel Institute

Lucknow: A team of eight Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) students from the Goel Institute of Higher Studies has constructed a 30-foot tall string portrait depicting Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The artwork, created using approximately 15 kilograms of black nylon thread spanning a length of about 45 kilometers, has earned recognition in the India Book of Records and is awaiting inclusion in the Limca Book of Records. A sum of Rs 3 lakh from the college fund was allocated for the project.

The students who created this masterpiece are Abhishek Maharana, Adarsh Shandilya, Larib Kamal Khan, Abhay Yadav, Sanidhya Gupta, Arushi Agrawal, and Kritika Jain.

“String art is made with thread/string, that is threaded around the nail and forms a complex pattern. We decided to commemorate the historic occasion of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s third consecutive swearing-in by creating a portrait,” stated Devashish Mishra, the lead artist.

“The impressive portrait, created using the innovative technique of thread art, highlights the artistic talent of our students. This artwork is truly exceptional,” remarked the principal, inviting those interested to view the masterpiece on campus.


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