Tourists make a beeline for tiger trails in U.P.

  • Tourists flock to Uttar Pradesh; Tiger Reserves sees surge in visitors during 2023-24
  • Due to increased visitor numbers, Tiger Reserves extend tourism season by 10 days; now open until June 25
  • Influx of Indian and Foreign Tourists surges compared to previous season

Lucknow: Uttar Pradesh has emerged as a preferred destination among tourists in the tourism season of 2023-24, witnessing a notable increase in visitor numbers at its Tiger Reserves. Compared to the previous year, a substantial influx of both Indian and foreign tourists chose Uttar Pradesh as their destination. The Tiger Reserves attracted more than one lakh visitors, indicating a growing interest among travelers seeking wildlife experiences in the region.

Due to the increased influx of tourists, the tourism season, originally scheduled from November 15 to June 15, has been extended by an additional 10 days, now concluding on June 25.

Significant increase in tourists at Tiger Reserves

The number of tourists visiting Uttar Pradesh’s Tiger Reserves saw a significant increase in the 2023-24 season (until June 14) compared to 2022-23. In Dudhwa Tiger Reserve, the count rose from 41,815 Indian and 137 foreign tourists in 2022-23 to 56,770 Indian and 292 foreign tourists in 2023-24.

Similarly, Pilibhit witnessed an increase from 23,525 Indian and 54 foreign tourists in 2022-23 to 38,183 Indian and 164 foreign tourists in 2023-24. Amangarh recorded 4,084 Indian and six foreign tourists this year, up from 3,066 Indian and two foreign tourists last year.

At Ranipur Tiger Reserve, the number of Indian tourists surged from 4,180 in 2022-23 to 9,170 in 2023-24.

Tourist numbers have surged by over 36,000 this year

Under the leadership of the Yogi government, Uttar Pradesh has emerged as a prominent hub for tourism, particularly renowned for its exceptional forest areas. This development has significantly boosted tourist attraction to the state.

Comparing the figures, there has been an increase of approximately 36,000 tourists in 2023-24 compared to the previous year. Specifically, Dudhwa Tiger Reserve saw an increase of 15,110 tourists, Pilibhit Tiger Reserve recorded a rise of 14,768 tourists, Amangarh Tiger Reserve witnessed an increase of 1,022 tourists, and Ranipur Tiger Reserve saw a surge of 4,990 tourists.

Tourists can now enjoy till June 25

Due to weather conditions, the Forest Department has extended this year’s tourism season at the Tiger Reserves by an additional 10 days. Originally scheduled to conclude on June 15, the season, which began on November 15, 2023, will now continue until June 25. This extension is expected to create more employment opportunities for individuals involved in the tourism industry. All four tiger reserves in the state—Pilibhit, Amangarh, Dudhwa, and Ranipur Tiger Reserve—will remain open until June 25.

Book your visit to the Tiger Reserve online now!

The Uttar Pradesh Forest Corporation has been consistently providing facilities such as tourist accommodations, luxury Tata Xenon Safari vehicles, and boat safaris across various tiger reserves in the state, including Dudhwa Tiger Reserve in Lakhimpur-Kheri and Pilibhit Tiger Reserve in Pilibhit. To enhance tourist convenience, online booking facilities are available via the Uttar Pradesh Forest Corporation Ecotourism website (, offering opportunities to experience nature up close and enjoy jungle tours.

This year, in an effort to increase wildlife attraction and awareness among tourists while promoting ecotourism, the rates for tourist accommodations have been significantly reduced.


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