Nodal officers should be appointed for every project : CM Yogi

CM Yogi

Gorakhpur: Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, on Saturday, instructed that a nodal officer should be assigned for each project, and they should give a weekly progress report. He also said that senior officials should review each project every fifteen days, and there should be a meeting with public representatives once a month to discuss the project’s progress.

CM Yogi was conducting a review of development works and law and order at the Annex building with public representatives and officials. During this, he said that every project should have a set deadline and should be completed within that time in a quality manner. He also inquired about the current progress of projects from various departments, including the Public Works Department, Irrigation Department, Municipal Corporation, Water Corporation, GDA, and GIDA.

He instructed that the registration of land for acquired development projects should be expedited, and compensation should be distributed as soon as possible. Any delay in this process will be unacceptable.

The Chief Minister emphasized that a nodal officer should be assigned to supervise each construction project to ensure they are completed on time and with quality. This nodal officer should provide weekly progress updates to senior officials. He also said that public representatives should be involved in monitoring all projects. Officials should meet with public representatives every month to inform them about the progress of development works and consider their suggestions.

The Chief Minister said that the monsoon season is approaching, and it is crucial to ensure there are no water logging issues anywhere when it rains. Over the past few years, good work has been done to address the problem of waterlogging, but continuous efforts are needed to achieve excellence in this area. He directed officials to complete the cleaning of all drains on time and emphasized the need to focus consistently on the Goddhoiya Nala project to mitigate water logging issues.

While reviewing flood prevention projects, CM Yogi emphasized the need to accelerate efforts in flood protection works. He urged officials to assess the condition of embankments along with the public representatives. Take suggestions from them for better work.

The CM said that concerted efforts have successfully controlled Japanese Encephalitis (JE) and Acute Encephalitis Syndrome (AES). Preparations are underway to continue combating these diseases in the upcoming monsoon season. He reviewed the Ekla Dam project and emphasized the development of Miyawaki forests in the area.

The CM instructed officials to prioritize sensitivity towards drinking water, cleanliness, and other civic amenities. Ensuring uninterrupted electricity supply in cities and villages was also highlighted. He urged officials to regularly and sensitively address citizens’ issues during Janata Darshan. Resolving complaints received through the Integrated Grievance Redressal System (IGRS) and seeking feedback from complainants were also emphasized.

During the review, the CM warned that officials showing laxity in resolving citizen issues would face strict action.

The Chief Minister also highlighted that Gorakhpur has become a favored destination for entrepreneurs in recent years. He stressed the responsibility of officials to hold meetings with these entrepreneurs and address their concerns. The CM also directed for organizing job fairs every month to provide maximum employment opportunities to the youth.

During the law and order review, the Chief Minister underscored the importance of maintaining a zero tolerance policy towards crime and criminals. He emphasized the need for stringent and continuous action against mafia elements. The Chief Minister instructed to increase police patrolling, foot patrols, and to improve the response time of PCR vans. Regarding Eid al-Adha, he instructed to ensure tight security arrangements and prevent namaz on the roads, ensuring that no one’s religious sentiments are hurt.

CM Yogi emphasized strengthening traffic management by ensuring no vehicles are parked on the roads and all vehicles are parked only in designated parking spaces. He directed for tempos to also be parked at specified stands. He also instructed to seek assistance from civil defence to improve traffic arrangements.

During the meeting, Mayor Dr. Mangalesh Srivastava, MLC Dr. Dharmendra Singh, MLAs Rajesh Tripathi, Mahendra Pal Singh, Vipin Singh, Pradeep Shukla, Sarwan Nishad, along with senior officials from administration, police, and various departments were present.


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