Phoenix Palassio Celebrates 4th Anniversary with Spectacular Events and Rewards

Lucknow, July 9, 2024 – Phoenix Palassio, Lucknow’s premier shopping and entertainment destination, celebrated its 4th anniversary with an unforgettable event filled with captivating performances, prestigious awards, and a commitment to creating lasting memories.

The celebrations commenced with the grand cutting of a 100 kg cake, highlighting the mall’s dedication to creating joyous moments for its visitors. Phoenix Palassio went above and beyond by recognizing and rewarding its valued retailers for their contribution to the mall’s success.

International flute and violin artists added a global touch to the festivities. The presence of High Net Worth Individuals (HNIs) from Lucknow further elevated the event, making it a truly elite gathering.

Notable influencers also graced the occasion, bringing their unique flair and ensuring wide engagement. Their participation added a modern and trendy dimension, reflecting Phoenix Palassio’s status as a fashion and cultural hub.

Mr. Sanjeev Sarin, Senior Centre Director at Phoenix Mills Ltd., expressed his gratitude: “We are overwhelmed by the love and support from our patrons over the past four years. Our anniversary celebrations are a way to give back to our community and offer them unmatched experiences. We are committed to enhancing customer satisfaction and making each visit to Phoenix Palassio memorable.”

The celebrations continued with an exclusive after-party at Dobaraa, where guests enjoyed delicious food and great music, further enhancing the memorable evening.

Phoenix Palassio remains dedicated to providing exceptional customer experiences, consistently offering the best shopping deals, cultural activities, and celebrity visits. The month-long anniversary extravaganza includes exciting offers, discounts, and activities for shoppers and visitors.
Mr. Sarin added, “We are thrilled to celebrate our 4th anniversary with such a grand event. We are grateful to our retailers, customers, and partners for their continued support and look forward to many more years of excellence.”

This 4th-anniversary celebration is a testament to Phoenix Palassio’s dedication to providing exceptional experiences and celebrating milestones with grandeur.


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