IIT Kanpur celebrates 57th Convocation, awards 2,332 Graduates


• Prof. Jayathi Y. Murthy, President of Oregon State University, USA, and an IITK alumna graces the ceremony as Chief Guest

Kanpur: The Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (IITK) celebrated its 57th Convocation today with great delight, conferring degrees on 2,332 graduates across various disciplines. The institute proudly acknowledged the hard work and achievements of its students on this momentous occasion. The event was conducted in two sessions with the main opening ceremony held in IITK’s regal Main Auditorium. Prof. Jayathi Y. Murthy, President of Oregon State University, USA, and an IITK alumna was the distinguished Chief Guest, while Dr. Mahesh Gupta, Board of Governors (BoG), IIT Kanpur; and Prof. Manindra Agrawal, Director, IIT Kanpur presided over the convocation.

The proceedings began with the Academic Procession, representing knowledge and tradition, making its way into the auditorium. The convocation had 2,332 graduates across various disciplines, including 226 PhD recipients, 457 MTech recipients, 842 BTech recipients, 165 MSc (2-year) recipients, 36 MBA recipients, 12 MTech-PhD (Joint Degree) recipients, 1 MDes (Joint Degree) recipient, 17 MDes recipients, 77 MS (by Research) recipients, 40 PGPEX-VLFM recipients, 26 Double Major recipients, 89 Dual Degree recipients, 14 MS-PD (MS part of the Dual Degree) recipients, 125 BS recipients, and 205 eMasters degree programs recipients.

The Chief Guest, Prof. Jayathi Y. Murthy , presented the awards and prizes to the outstanding performers. Having completed her BTech in Mechanical Engineering from IITK, she was recognised as a Distinguished Alumna in 2012. The first woman of colour to lead Oregon State University, she is a renowned leader in engineering education and is known for her focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Prof. Jayathi Y. Murthy, President of Oregon State University, USA shared her inspiring life experiences to motivate the students. She said, “The world will offer you competing narratives about who you are and what you’re worth. It’s in your power to choose the narrative of your life and to write your own story. Despite the challenges, I’ve seen my peers, especially the women of IIT Kanpur, create their own paths and succeed against the odds. So, choose your story wisely. Remember, nothing is ever the end. There’s always a way forward. You’ve learnt how to make a living. Now learn how to live your life. Live deeply, live passionately, and live well!'”

Congratulating the graduating students, Prof Manindra Agrawal, Director, IIT Kanpur said, “Graduating from college is a significant milestone, one of the most bittersweet moments. It is hugely rewarding as you have accomplished the goal you have been working towards; and at the same time, you are about to bid farewell to the place where you spent many years learning, making friends, and creating memories! Whichever profession you choose, the spirit of IIT Kanpur you have imbibed will act as your conscience and guiding light. By leveraging your technical knowledge and applying it for innovation and entrepreneurship, you can not only solve societal challenges but also foster economic growth through job creation.”

Highlighting the academic initiatives undertaken during the past year, Prof. Agrawal added, “To do justice to the mission of the institute, we have brought in academic initiatives that will not only set global benchmarks but also contribute to critical national requirements. During the year, the Kotak School of Sustainability was launched to offer thought leadership solutions and prepare future generations to lead the cause of sustainable development. Several new academic programs were also launched.”

This year’s convocation celebrated the achievements of exceptional students who received awards in various categories. Kunwar Preet Singh (Computer Science & Engineering) was awarded the prestigious President’s Gold Medal, while Viplav Patel (Chemical Engineering-Electrical Engineering) and Sarthak Kohli (Computer Science & Engineering) received the Director’s Gold Medals for outstanding all-round achievement and leadership in the 5-year and 4-year undergraduate programs, respectively. The esteemed Dr. Shankar Dayal Sharma Medal for best all-round performance was presented to Garima Bawa (Physics), and Mr. Tejas Ramakrishnan (Computer Science & Engineering) was awarded the prestigious Ratan Swarup Memorial Prize.

The convocation also recognized students who excelled in various domains by awarding proficiency medals and the IIT Kanpur Excellence Awards for contributions in Community Services, Leadership in Student Affairs, and Art & Cultural Activities.

Led by the Chairperson, Senate Post-Graduate Committee (SPGC) and the Chairperson, Senate Under-Graduate Committee (SUGC), the graduating students were given degree certificates at different lecture halls in the second session of the Convocation ceremony. The graduating students will also be able to access their digital degrees through IIT Kanpur’s in-house blockchain technology application which secures the degree certificate against forgery, is globally verifiable, and selectively disclosable.

The convocation ceremony concluded on a high note, with the graduates and their families celebrating this significant achievement. As the graduates embark on their new journeys, IIT Kanpur remains committed to supporting their aspirations and contributing to their future successes.


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