Element of friction persists between BJP, RSS

Nagpur: RSS chief’s frank statement tells the story of internal conflict in Sangh Parivar. RSS’s displeasure with “Modi-2” government came to the fore as soon as “Modi-3” was formed. RSS wanted the inauguration ceremony of Ram Mandir to be post-election and non-political? Six months ago, RSS had warned the government – Hindutva wave and Modi’s name will not take the boat past major hurdles. Blindly trusting Shah’s policies proved costly for Modi, he did not even listen to Sangh. RSS chief said those things, which were constantly on the lips of the opposition, showed the mirror to the government. There was silence between RSS chief and the head of the government for 3 years.

In the “Sangh Parivar” there is collective leadership, collective thinking and collective solutions are found.

For the first time, conflicts have surfaced in the Sangh Parivar, which is called the clan of elites. These conflicts have come to the fore regarding the political branch of the family, BJP. How deep the differences between the two have deepened, this has also been revealed. This disclosure was made by the head of the family himself. That too on the occasion of the closing ceremony of the RSS Shiksha-Diksha Varg, which is the most important test of RSS training and in which one has to pass a tough test to get eligibility. It was once called the third year training of RSS.

This Shiksha Varg is held only in Nagpur and that too in the RSS headquarters. Select volunteers from all over the country participate in it. Sangh chief Dr. Mohanrao Bhagwat openly said all those things among these volunteers, due to which the Modi-2 government remained on the target of the opposition throughout the election. In this, the arrogance of the government and its behavior with the opposition were important. The Sangh supremo also advised the opposition that elections should not be fought by telling lies. It is worth noting that in the general elections, the opposition alliance was repeatedly talking about changing the constitution and ending reservation.

This is the first time when the head of the family had to explain to his own political branch in this way. Usually the RSS has always avoided speaking publicly on the work of the government. But it seems that this time “the water had reached the nose”. One sentence always remains important in the strategy of RSS and that is- I am not you, that is you instead of I. “I” has no place in the Sangh Parivar, everything is collective, everything is with the cooperation of each other.

But in the political wing of the same Sangh, only “I am” started resonating. The feeling of collectivity was slipping away and individualism was taking root. That is why those who coined the slogan on behalf of the government coined the word “Modi ki Guarantee” instead of BJP. It is surprising that the head of the government also imbibed it. Whereas he himself never got tired of describing himself as a volunteer who was brought up in the Sangh. He was seeing a person taking over the party.

The Sarsanghchalak was looking for a suitable opportunity. Therefore, he raised his voice as soon as “Modi-3” started. They did not want the working style of Modi-2 government to be adopted in Modi-3 government as well. As a result, the head of the family gave a clear message as soon as the government took oath and the cabinet was formed that what a Prime Servant is like or should be like. The government should be free from arrogance and follow the established norms. The Sangh chief clarified the need for it, from the behavior towards the opposition. He targeted both the ruling party and the opposition for turning the election battle into a war and also said clearly that elections should not be fought on the basis of lies. But a large part of the head of the family’s address was for his affiliated organization and its leaders only. This aggressive form of RSS has come to the fore after keeping a constant watch on the journey of the government from 2014 to 2024. The statement of the Sangh chief silenced the Modi-3 government. Perhaps the result of that was that yesterday the Prime Minister of the country gave a statement that everyone should remove the promotion of “I am Modi’s family” from social media. When the “Sangh Parivar” has been established in this country for years, then where did this new family come from and why?

The Sangh wanted Ramji’s work to be done after the elections

Did the RSS want that the inauguration of the Ram temple in Ayodhya and the Pran Pratishtha ceremony of Ramlala should be done after the elections? This question has come out from the Sangh corridors itself that the RSS was of the opinion that the matter of Ram temple is a matter of faith of the country, not of politics. Hence the entire program should be beyond politics. If sources are to be believed, the Sangh is in favor of this.

It was not in the past that the Prime Minister of the country should play the role of a patron. The intention of the Sangh was that this work should be entrusted to saints and Shankaracharyas. The distance of a charioteer like Lal Krishna Advani of the Ram Janmabhoomi movement from the temple consecration ceremony was also the last thing for the Sangh.

There was silence between the head of the Sangh and the government for a long time..!!

There was silence between the head of the Sangh and the government for a long time. I do not remember any pictures of mutual meeting between the two. Whereas it is well known that the current RSS chief was the strong supporter of Modi’s arrival in Delhi from Gujarat. If he was not there, it was impossible for Modi to become the hero of Delhi despite the presence of the Advani era. The Sangh chief stood as the biggest shield. With 282 crores, Modi and his team lived up to the expectations. This charisma continued in 2019 as well. Sources tell that all the distortions in the government took root after the 2019 government. It is not that the Sangh did not warn but the government did not listen. The Sangh had warned that nothing would be achieved with just Hindutva and brand Modi. And that is what happened. If sources are to be believed, the biggest loss to Modi in this case was due to Amit Shah who held the number 2 position in the government. Blindly trusting Shah’s policies ultimately proved costly for Modi. The consequences of which are visible today in the form of blunt words from the head of the family.


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