Prevention is better than cure

Lucknow: Dr. Satinder Pal Singh Tulsi (MDS- Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon, Certified AO Cranio-Maxillo Facial Trauma – Advanced Techniques-Switzerland)is currently serving as Senior Consultant –Dental and Maxillofacial Surgery, Dental Care, Maxillofacial Surgery and Implantology at Max Super Speciality Hospital, Lucknow with a collective work experience of 21+ Years.

With an impressive body of work that has taken him to Sahara Hospital, Amby Valley Hospital -Mumbai, Saraswati Dental College, Lucknow, Smile Train (USA) to name a few he is highly skilled and has proven his finesse.

His repertoire includes Flexible dentures, wisdom molar impaction surgeries, Gingival / gum surgeries, Management of facial injury and facial fractures, Cleft lip and palate surgeries, microvascular reconstruction of facial defects, rhinoplasty among others.

Dr SPS Tulsi believes that prevention is better than cure. He said that the prevention of systemic diseases can only be done by keeping a check on the oral cavity. He underlines that most of the manifestation is in the oral cavity and the first symptoms of any anomaly is caught when an oral examination is done.

He said the mouth is the mirror to human body and a person’s face can truly reflect a lot about a person’s health. He said it is best to have nutritional food and avoid fast food and one must use the correct therapeutic procedures so that the teeth is healthy. After eating if a person does not masticate properly then sufficient nutrition does not enter a person’s body,  therefore not only during adulthood but also keeping checks during childhood is equally important he said. The milk teeth actually guides future adult teeth. Dr Tulsi said every 6 months one needs to get a dental check up done. Dental check up he said starts from the time a child is 6 to 7 months old.

Talking of the advancement of Technology in dental treatment he said the latest techniques are far more advanced and less time consuming. He said today RCTs are done in a single sitting. The RCT is done and the cap is placed on the very same day. He said that old techniques are now becoming obsolete and tooth implant is now far more superior. It is done either immediately after the extraction or a delayed implant in 3 to 6 months. *He said earlier implants for replacement of missing teeth were done in old aged people but now we do it in younger generations also. In old age when there is resorbed jaw (less of bone stock to accommodate dental implants) bones we use other facial bones to fix the implant thereby giving fixed teeth.

Talking of basics, Dr Tulsi said that it is very important for somebody to have a good smile. It has an impact on the overall persona and confidence of the person. It also improves a person mental health and further more it has other benefits in terms of health. He said aligners (treatment to set irregular teeth ) have pre fabricated set of trays which can work in a time bound manner. The doctor sets a time table. He said without visit , one can change the trays once in a month.

Adding further he said today the patient does not have to undergo the trouble of manual impressions. In the digital age, scanners take the image and then the cap is set by sending the image to the lab. Intervention gag reflex is also taken care of, he adds.

Dr Tulsi said a lot of the problems like cardiac diseases, diabetes, chronic ailments get checked if the dental issues are taken care of. He said that cardiac health is directly linked to oral health. He said that when a bypass surgery is done dental clearance is usually taken because it has chances of infection.

Dr Tulsi says Max is a pioneer in Maxillofacial surgery. It is the best in town. Right from paediatric to facial trauma, fractures, cyst and tumors of face , jaws and oral cavity, mouth cancer surgery following immediate reconstruction , correction of cleft lip and palate. Rhinoplasty which is changing deformity of the nose and also microvascular reconstruction of facial defects are some of the many facets that add value to Max Super Speciality Hospital.


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